As I write this week’s blog it is Saturday morning. Let me tell you, I am scrambling. Why? Because there is an incredible live-streamed event happening today between 12 noon and 4pm that I know will absolutely bless some people, and I am working to the very last minute to see who I can encourage to join it. I have no idea who may attend in a spur-of-the-moment decision and take the information they receive, apply it and then take action that changes their life. If that happens, I know they, and I, will be singing!

This is going to sound harsh, but we live in a society of quitters. In fact, we are often encouraged to quit if; there is some kind of risk, we are considered not smart or talented enough or if we try to save face from failing in our attempts. I have done my fair share of quitting things, because; they seemed too hard, I believed was not good enough or my efforts didn’t seem to be working. Looking back at those things, I will never know if I could have actually achieved the end results and been singing with joy, because I took myself out of the game prematurely. What about you? What is it you have quit too soon? What have you given up on and then justified to yourself was the right move to make, when deep down you regret not following through? Hard question, I know, but a critical one if you want to be singing with joy, the way you deserve to be.

You and I have been blessed with an incredible capacity that we rarely ever really explore, unless we are forced to. I want to encourage you, this week, to explore that capacity because you can and because you choose to. I was totally inspired by Derrick Kirk, my guest on this week’s podcast called, It’s not over.’ Derrick was forced to explore his capacity as he was orphaned at 6 years old and homeless at 18. As a result of what he was forced to do to survive, he learned to believe and trust in his own capacity, and now chooses to do amazing things and impact the world in a big way. It is definitely a podcast worth listening to.

Winston Churchill, famous English Prime Minister, kept, as he likes to call it, ‘Buggering On.’ During WW2 the vast opinion in the UK at the time, was to give in to the overwhelming forces against them. However, Churchill stuck relentlessly to his decision, even as his sanity was being questioned, to ‘never, ever give up!’ History will show that his attitude that it was not over, and his iron-clad decision to keep going led to singing and dancing in the streets of London and other cities all around the world.

I played my first senior game of professional football when I was 18 years old in August 1983, and I played my second game, 20 months later, in April 1985. So, what happened in those 20 months? I played every game in the reserve grade team, I played well in almost all of them, and I missed selection week after week after week, for 20 months. What really happened in those 20 months? I made a decision to keep showing up, no matter what. Despite the fact there were many times I doubted myself, threw a tantrum and felt like giving up, I just kept going because I knew it was not over, until I was singing! In that time, I got better, stronger, fitter, more resilient, more determined, more mature and more equipped to be a professional footballer, In fact, the best time of my seven year professional football career, was the 20 months I missed selection every single week.

If you give up, you will never know what you can achieve. So, just know that’s it’s not over until you are singing, and, if you keep going with focus and determination, you will be singing, trust me. Keep going and you will be singing as you reach your wellbeing goals. Keep buggering on and you will be harmonising as you restore the relationship that is fractured. Make the decision, it’s not over until you are humming as a result of your business success, your financial achievement or whatever else it is you are aspiring to.

I say it often, and I will say it again, you are good enough to live the most amazing life you can imagine. The difference between those who do and those who don’t, is not luck, intelligence, ability, age, education or circumstances. Success is one hundred percent earned and owned by the people who know, in their heart, that it’s not over until they are singing. I wish for that you do some singing, as a result of the thing you persisted with, in the very near future.