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Andrew is a dynamic, entertaining and inspirational speaker who spends his time sharing the secrets that have changed countless lives.

His presentations are practical and insightful and are delivered with an engaging sense of humour.

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thriving through challenge

We are in a time in history, not just dealing with COVID-19, but more significantly, the impact of fear and panic that comes with it. Right now, we need to learn how to stay positive, look for opportunities, build our immune system and thrive through challenges…

Digging deep

Some of Andrew’s well-known and well-regarded Corporate topics

Some of andrew's topics
Thriving in Life

When times are tough, it’s easy to fall into victim thinking and spiral downwards rapidly. That’s not good! In this inspiring talk, Andrew explains; when you are able to look at things with a different perspective, identify opportunities, get creative and be grateful, you will thrive, while many people are struggling to survive.

Winning the Day

Health, happiness and success is not mysterious or limited for the lucky few, it’s available to everyone. When we finally realise that achievement starts with a vision, is attached to a purpose and then just happens one day at a time, things will starts to dramatically change for the better.

Now, is the perfect time

Now is not the time to hide, panic, procrastinate or binge. Now is the perfect to time to create, develop and establish things that will bless your life forever. In this inspiring talk, Andrew outlines what incredible opportunities are available to all of us in times of challenge and adversity. Do not miss out on this life-changing message.

Living a life of joyful longevity

Do you want to live a long life of joy, purpose, abundance, love, happiness and success? Don’t we all? In this talk, Andrew shares the simple secrets to help you develop the mindset, emotional state, actions and habits that will predictably lead to joyful longevity.

Moving the Unmoveable

With over 30 years in the health and wellbeing industry, Andrew is amazed by how many people, even knowing what they need to do to be lean, fit and healthy, don’t do it. Find out how to get yourself, and, the people who you care about most, moving towards optimal wellbeing and a life of joyful longevity.

The Wellness Puzzle

Learn Andrew’s seven pieces of the wellness puzzle that will help you live your best life. Click here for a video with more information about The Wellness Puzzle Book.

Creating TEARS of Joy

If you truly understood and believed that everything you experience in your life – good or bad, happy or sad – starts with a thought you choose to focus on, would you pay more attention to your thoughts? Andrew discusses how starting with a simple positive thought will have a domino effect that predictably leads to wonderful tears of joy.

A Wave of Wellness

In this mind-blowing talk, Andrew discusses the concept that every thought, emotion, action and habit – no matter how small or insignificant it seems – will have a ripple effect and create a wave that impacts many lives. Learn how to turn your ripple into a wave of wellness, all around the world.

From Unlikely Athlete to Accidental Author

If a skinny, talentless, mommas boy can play professional football, and, that same clueless, time-poor, unqualified ex-footballer can become a bestselling author, then you can do anything. This talk will inspire you to chase your dream, no matter how unlikely or illogical it may seem.

Identifying and living your Purpose

The moment you identify your pupose in life, and spend each day moving towards its fulfilment, the answers to all of your challenges will appear in front of you. Learn how to identify your purpose and why it’s essesntial to your living a life of joyful longevity.

Leadership and working with people

The reality is that our ability to lead ourselves and get on with people is critical to living a happy, productive, abundant and successful life. Learn some very simple and empowering steps to being a great example to others and building strong and fulfilling relationships.


Motivation is not what you need to achieve your goals in life. In fact, the people who wait for motivation, will be waiting a long time. That’s an interesting and slightly controversial statement. Those who act irrespective of motivation will create abundance in their lives. Learn how to be one of the few who will do it without relying on motivation.

Setting goals that will stick

Have you ever set a goal and failed to achieve it? If so, you will join a large and illustrious group. In this session you will learn how simple goal achievement really is, and, what the key steps are to ensure it happens, every time.

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