leave room for miracles

leave room for miracles

As humans we are often too logical and too evidence-seeking for our own good. If something doesn’t make sense, can’t be explained, or maybe sounds too woo-woo then we discount it as a possibility. For much of my life, that was me. However, I have seen and experienced too many things that can’t be explained by logical human-thinking. I am now at a place where I truly believe I have another source available to me to achieve the success, happiness, and fulfilment I am looking for in my life. Here it is: when I have tried everything and nothing has worked, I simply leave room for miracles.

I know this blog is going to challenge some people. I know there will be sceptics and cynics. I know that what I am about to explain makes me sound a little crazy. I know all that and I am excited to share this anyway. Too many people are wondering what is missing in their lives. Too many people ponder what they are doing wrong and why they aren’t achieving what they want. Too many people believe that they are not good enough. Too many people are not leaving room for miracles.

This is what I mean. This week I had a major concern and a source of stress and frustration. I publish my podcast every Wednesday morning, so that means it needs to be uploaded to the hosting site by Tuesday night at the latest. I was super organised this week and I had all the editing and producing done by Tuesday morning. I was excited that I would simply upload the audio file, type the notes for the podcast and relax for the rest of the day. Normally, uploading and processing the audio file would take just a few minutes, however, for some reason it was taking longer.

I left it an hour or so, and it still hadn’t finished processing. I thought that maybe I just needed to refresh it and then it would be good to go. Well, I refreshed, and I lost it altogether. D’oh! So, I uploaded it again, and made sure not to refresh. A couple of hours later, it still hadn’t finished processing. So, I cancelled it, shut down the program, started it up, uploaded the audio file, and again, after an hour or so, still no luck. Now my day was disappearing, and my stress level was starting to rise a little. So, I went to my laptop, and I tried it on another computer thinking that would be the solution. Nope, another hour later, it wasn’t processed. I had tried everything, and I was at a loss as to what to do. Until, that is, I thought about my only available option: leave room for miracles.

For me, when I want a miracle, I go to prayer. So, I went into my office, shut down my desktop, and then restarted. As it was restarting, I was praying for a miracle. I know I am losing people right now, so bear with me. The computer started, I logged onto the hosting site, I uploaded the audio file, and again, I prayed. Guess what happened? Correct! A miracle. Two minutes later, the file had been uploaded, and the podcast was ready to publish. I know you can throw me all kinds of logic, explanations, and reasons why that happened, but I choose to believe in the power of prayer and that miracles occur.

You would not believe how often this unwavering expectancy and belief in miracles pays off for me. So, you can be as sceptical as you like, but it helps me answer the unanswerable, achieve the unachievable and solve the unsolvable. The secret to this working lies in your willingness to let go of logical, evidence-based, and sceptical thinking and just have faith in the existence and power of miracles. The question is: can you do that? It sure beats the alternative which includes frustration, stress, anger, and anxiety.

In my podcast this week with Dr Jacques Mitchell, called Believing is seeing, we discuss the importance and power of a clear vision. Jacques is the author eight books and a man having a profound impact on many lives. Both of us have created things in our lives that we had no idea how they would happen when the vision was first imagined. We did what had to do, we acted each day, we learned to overcome discouragement, and we both left room for miracles to help us achieve what seemed illogical, unreasonable, and maybe even impossible.

Faith, as described in the Bible, is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. It is believing in miracles. It is knowing in your heart that if you get started on a journey, even with no idea how to get there, the path will open, the right people will appear, the perfect opportunities will arrive, and miracles will occur. This may be a difficult concept for you to get your head around, but I want to encourage you to just give it a go this week. See what happens if you simply remove logic and make room for miracles.

play the game, one move at a time

play the game, one move at a time

Life is a game. It may not feel like a game, at times, but if you treat it that way, I know life can be more fun and fulfilling. Games are fun, right? Even if the game has some stress involved, finds you behind at times, and deals with some challenging concepts, it is fun. Isn’t that life? How can we enjoy a game where we take risks, face challenging situations, win some and lose some, and still enjoy it, yet we often find life difficult and stressful? This is an interesting question to ponder. There are two things I want to encourage you to consider this week: treat life as a game, and just make one move at a time.

Treating life as a game means that we don’t take things too seriously. That doesn’t mean there are not serious things to consider, it simply suggests you look at every situation like you are making a move in a game. Have fun with the challenge, look for the lesson and opportunity, think about the where you are heading, consider the next move, make it and feel good that you are moving. Any move is a good one, because the alternative is standing still, staying stuck and getting frustrated. That is one sure way to lose any game you are playing in.

As I am writing this, it is Saturday morning, and I have just finished my training session. Saturday, on my weekly exercise calendar is affectionately known as ‘Muscle-Up Saturday’. Every Saturday for the last few years, I ride my bike to the local park, with workout equipment, and I monopolise the chin-up bar to do muscle-ups. This morning it was raining, but, as crazy as I am, my routine is muscle-ups, so I do it regardless of rain, hail or shine. Today, I did my personal best of 215 muscle-ups in just under 40 mins. Before you start saying: this guy is a crazy freak, just know it didn’t start at 215, and it happened just one move at a time.

When I started ‘Muscle-Up Saturday’, about three years ago, I think I did 20. So, how do you go from 20 to 215? One move at a time. Each Saturday, I would simply add one to five additional muscle-ups, and so from one week to the next, it really felt no different than the previous week. Can you see how, by simply adding one small move each week, and a commitment to doing it every week, seemingly miraculous things are possible? I could never have imagined getting to 100 let-alone 215, but it happened naturally one move at a time. My big goal is 300, which seems impossible right now, but I know that with one small move forward each week, I will have that done in just 25 weeks. So, watch this space.

If you have not listened to this week’s podcast called, It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, with Yair Kellner, I strongly encourage you to do it. Yair is an adventure and outdoor fanatic. He has hiked, climbed, swam, paddled, dog-sledded and Bike-packed, in some of the most extreme conditions, all around the world for the last 61 years. In 2012, whilst competing in a 1000-mile bike-packing invitational event in Alaska, he found himself in an undesirable situation. Actually, that is the understatement of the century. With weather conditions extreme, temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius below freezing, and a wind-chill factor of 60 degrees below, he and is 80kg laden bike fell through the ice into a flowing river.

With only 2 minutes to get out with his 80kg bike, or freeze to death, what do you think he did? I know what I would’ve done… panicked! He didn’t. Instead, he decided he would survive, and then he just made the next logical move. This story is amazing, as he got through a situation that so many would not have, simply because he just kept making the next move. You will love this podcast and will be captivated by Yair and his story.

Yair treats his life as a game. Every day for him is a fun adventure, and I feel the same about my life. What about you? Every day you wake up is a good day. Every day you have a blank page to imagine, explore and create. Please get excited about your life. Look for the joy in every situation. Most of all I want you to know that you can easily win the game of life, whatever that means for you, if you simply make one move at a time.

all that is missing is your permission

all that is missing is your permission

I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life. I sat with my business mentors this week. They are actually far more than just mentors, they are great friends, in fact, they are part of my family. I got some incredible advice that I feel, already in my heart, is going to help me go to the next level of abundance in my life. They know I am good enough, I know I am good enough, so all I need to do is give myself permission to be happy and successful.

As you know, I spend most of my life talking about, writing about, podcasting about and blogging about how good you and I really are. It is my mission to help people believe more in their God given resources and trust that they are good enough to achieve anything that they want for themselves and the people they care about. I spend much of my time trying to fill my own cup with the belief that I am good enough to achieve anything I want for myself and the people I care about.

Logically, I think we can all agree we are capable of creating success in our lives. The reason I am a best-selling author today, and on the verge of my eighth book, is not because I actually believed I could, I just didn’t know that I couldn’t. From a logical standpoint, I knew I could write and communicate, therefore, if I stuck to the plan and kept going, I knew I could write a book. The shame is, for many people, logic is not their go to position, but rather negative self-talk, doubt, fear and denying themselves permission. So, what do I mean by permission?

As I think back through my life and reflect on the things I have and haven’t achieved, I can see a common theme. Permission! As a young and naïve teenager, I gave myself permission to be a successful professional footballer. With that permission, I gave everything I had to successfully achieving that pursuit. After I had made it, and was playing regular football, things started to change. I started to develop an imposter syndrome. I began worrying that the coaches would find out that I am really not that good. I wondered how I had possibly made it this far. I started doubting, I started denying myself permission and, surprise, surprise, soon after I found myself de-listed. It had nothing to do with my ability, because clearly, I was good enough to make it. It had nothing to do with all the people and circumstances I blamed after I was sacked. It had everything to do with denying myself the permission to really push on and make it in a big way.

Why would I sabotage myself like that? Why would I take away that permission I had previously allowed myself? You may even be asking yourself why you are self-sabotaging in certain areas of your life. For me, it was comparison. Before my professional journey started, I was competing with me, and just working on being the best I could. After I had been at the club for a few years, I felt like I was competing with fifty other footballers, all who seemed better than I was. I looked around and saw stronger men, fitter men, more talented men, tougher men and better men. In my mind, I said, ‘you are kidding yourself mate, they are about to catch you out’. Well, they did catch me out, but only because I didn’t permit myself to go any further.

I hope this is making sense. Even today, I know the things I want but don’t yet have are the things I have not given myself permission to attain. I would hazard-a-guess and suggest the same applies to you. Things are really changing for me know and I want to encourage that for you. I have spent time getting to understand, accept, forgive, and love myself. As I do that, I feel more deserving of the abundant life that is there for me. That same life is there for you. I give myself permission to win. I have taken off my hand-brake and am in forward motion. I am worthy of the best life I can possibly live.

In my most recent podcast with Aldwyn Altuney, called Truth and good news, we discuss the truth and the good news that is there for all of us. The truth is you are deserving, and the good news is that anything is possible for you. So, as you move forward this week and start to really think about the things you want for yourself and your life, just know, you can have it. If you are not experiencing the success, well-being, and prosperity in your life now, all that is missing is your permission.

If you don’t look within, you will go without!

If you don’t look within, you will go without!

This may sound like a negative start to this week’s blog, but I want to ask you to stop and think about all the things you don’t have you wished you did. What are you going without? What are you frustrated that you don’t have? What are you angry about that you wish you had done? What have you stopped even thinking or dreaming about because you feel like it will never happen for you? Yep, I told you. Sounds negative. The question is, of all the things you are currently going without, would you like to have them happen in your life? If you answered yes, then stop looking outside, and go within.

I had an incredible conversation on this week’s podcast, Overcome overwhelm and burnout, with the wonderful Geneviève Pépin. It was a powerful and inspiring podcast, and just as I was about to wrap it, I asked Geneviève for one last tip for listeners. I caught her off-guard, as she thought she had given enough, which she had. But it was this last statement she made that really brought the whole podcast together. After a moment of reflection, she said, Get to know yourself. Look inside and look within. If you don’t look within, you will go without. Wow, what a show-stopper that was.

The question you may be asking is, what does that mean? I want to bring it back to the questions I asked at the start of this blog. When we think about all the things we don’t have or are missing out on, we often find external factors to blame. I know I have done that in the past. I have told this story before many times, but it is relevant again here. I was sacked from the professional football team I played for seven years, after reading about it in the newspaper on a Saturday morning two weeks after the season had finished. At that time, I was young, dumb and I spiralled very quickly into blame and victim mode. I looked outside of myself to find all the factors I could blame. The club, the coaches, my lack of physical prowess, bad-luck and anything on which I could lay blame. Except the real reason for my sacking. Me!

I was an immature and insecure 23-year-old and didn’t have the wisdom Geneviève spoke about in the podcast. I couldn’t bear the thought that it was my fault, so I certainly did not look within. Hence, I went without continuing my professional football journey. Even today, it is challenging and often uncomfortable to go within and truly understand myself, my thoughts and my mindset when an undesirable situation occurs. I mean, how easy it to blame the government and COVID right now for many things we are going without? That is, unless, unless you decide to go within. I promise you; all the answers are in there.

I spoke last week about my tantrum when all my speaking gigs were cancelled and money was lost after the first COVID lockdown. Had I stayed stuck in the traumatic circumstance, I wouldn’t have been able to transform my business so quickly to online. The only way I did it, is because I stopped, I reflected, I went within, and I found the answers that were there. Those same answers are waiting within you. All you have to do is have the courage to go there.

The most challenging time of my life was also in 2020 during the long lockdown in Melbourne. I was living alone after my third marriage had ended not long before. I was feeling lost, lonely, scared, and insecure. I couldn’t understand why I was in this position in my mid-fifties. I mean it was certainly not the plan, that’s for sure. It would have been easy to blame other people but, for the first time in my life, I decided to go within and try to understand myself. It was terrifying because I was so scared of what I would find, and that things would never change. I went in anyway. Incredibly, as a result of that introspection, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness, I am a new man. Had I not had the courage to go within, I know I would be continually going without.

So, we are at that stage in the blog when I ask the question, what about you? What is it you are currently going without, at the moment, that it is ever so tempting to blame someone or something else? I want to suggest you go within and find the answers there. That means, thinking about what you really want. It means, listening to your self-talk about the circumstance. It means assessing your feelings and try to understand the thoughts, beliefs, or the perspective you are focusing on. It means thinking about what you can change, what you can do and what you are in control of. It means thinking about your strengths and your capacity that you can create the change you want. It means loving and believing in yourself.

All of the answers you are looking for lie within you. That is the best news you will ever hear. It means that no matter what is happening around you, nothing or no-one can steal or affect what is happening within you. As you move forward in one of the most challenging times in the history of our lives, just know that the only way you can ever go without is if you don’t go within.

unexpected outcomes

unexpected outcomes

We all live in a relatively predictable world. Maybe what’s happening around us is not predictable, but the way we perceive, respond, or even react often is. We make choices that are familiar to us, we take actions that we are comfortable with, and we experience outcomes that we are rarely surprised about. Did you know that there are many possibilities and outcomes available for you in your life? I want to encourage you to explore unexpected outcomes this week.

My most recent podcast with Bruce Molloy, called Flip your journey to freedom, has had a powerful effect on me. Bruce spoke about the most amazing, and unexpected, journey he experienced after deciding to let the flip of a coin guide his life for 12 months. After losing his partner, his job, and his home, he found a twenty-cent piece on the dashboard of his camper van. With nothing to lose, he decided to let that coin determine the direction he would travel and the things he would do for 12 months. He would ask a question about something, and then flip the coin. A ‘head’ would be a yes, and a ‘tail’ would be a no with that option is no longer available. He would continue with this process until he got a ‘head.’

His first decision was which direction to head in his camper van. He asked, should I go south? Toss, tails, no! He then asked, should I go north? Toss, heads, yes! So, off he went. His journey took him to some amazingly unexpected places and doing things he said he would never have done if not for the coin flip. He said, in no uncertain terms, it led him to a feeling of freedom. After I finished the conversation with Bruce, it was dinner time and so I was inspired to use his strategy to decide what I would have for dinner.

Why his flipping strategy is so powerful is because the toss is not to choose between two known options, it potentially creates the need to come up with ideas that may never have been considered. For Bruce’s incredible journey, you will have to listen to the podcast, but I will share my dinner adventure, which led to a gastronomically unexpected outcome. I asked, will I have chicken? Toss, tails, no! I asked, will I have fish? Toss, tails, no! I asked, will I have vegetarian? Toss, heads, yes! I asked, will I make it vegan? Toss, heads, yes! Okay, unexpected, but that’s cool. I then asked, will I have a salad? Toss, tails, no! I asked, will I have a stir-fry? Toss, tails, no! Now, my mind was scrambling for ideas. I asked, will I have a rice dish? Toss, heads, yes!

I ended up making an unexpectedly delicious rice dish with vegetables, cut up vegan sausages, vegan feta and raw nuts. This is a simple and less than spectacular outcome, but a meal I would never have decided to make without the coin flip. I am telling you this story because I want to offer you a challenge this week, to see if you are courageous enough to allow a coin to determine some basic decisions in your life. If you are, I know there will be some wonderfully unexpected outcomes you will experience by letting go and giving control over to a coin. Trust me, it’s an incredibly liberating thing to do.

If you are up for this challenge and you do in fact create an unexpected and exciting outcome for yourself, no matter how simple it may seem, please let me know. I know that Bruce Molloy would also love to hear about it. So, once the outcome is experienced, could you please send an email to me at andrew@andrewjobling.com.au and copy in Bruce at book@flipyourjourney.com? In that email, please let us know the outcome of your coin flipping and how it felt for you though the process. I look forward to hearing from you.

We are often boxed into life by the limitations of our thinking, based on our knowledge, experiences, self-belief and fear. There are experiences and opportunities out there that you may not have ever considered, and the ones that will transform your life. This is the case for Bruce Molloy. Have fun with your coin flipping this week and I look forward to hearing about your unexpected outcomes.

when you do things, things happen!

when you do things, things happen!

The biggest lie in the world is one that, at some stage, has been told to you, and one you are possibly even telling yourself. That lie is, you are not good enough. I know me just telling you that you are good enough, may not be enough for you to start to believe it. I do, however, want to help you make the shift, if necessary, to start believing deep in your heart, that you are. The ‘good enough’ belief seems to be erroneously connected to talent, intellect, luck or circumstances, when really, they have little to do with it. The key is simple, start doing things!

How many times have you beaten yourself up for not hitting a goal, or being where you want to be in certain areas of your life? That is almost a daily activity for me! Well, not as much anymore, but it certainly has been for much of my life. As you are berating, what do you say to yourself? What is wrong with me? I cannot do it! I am not good enough! I don’t know enough! I am a loser! Or something similar, right?

Well, let me help you here. I would have to say, even not knowing your circumstances or the reason why you are not where you want to be, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with what you do, or don’t do. The reality is, for most people, they just don’t do enough for long enough. When they don’t achieve the goal they want, they mistakenly believe it has something to do with their abilities, when it has almost nothing to do with it. Here is what I want you to read, absorb and embed in your thinking, when you do things, things happen! Talent, intellect, luck or circumstances have nothing to do with it.

Think about something you are frustrated with at the moment, and be honest with yourself. Are you really doing enough? Are you consistent with your actions? Are you doing what you need to be doing, whether you feel like it or not? If you have an uneasy feeling in your gut as you reflect on these three questions, it’s an indication and evidence that your lack of achievement is not about your ability or potential, but about your inactivity. It may not seem like it, but that is great news. Why? Because you don’t need talent, intellect, education, ideal circumstances or luck to take action.

When you take simple action, on a consistent basis, things will happen. You can take that one to the bank. On the other hand, you can have all the ability in the world, learn as much as you like and wait for exactly the right time, but without action, nothing will happen. I have told the story many times, but will tell it again right now. When I decided to write my first book, I had nothing that would indicate it was a smart idea. I didn’t have skill, experience, qualifications, understanding of the process, time or great circumstances. So, the question must be asked, how did I become a best-selling author? The answer is consistent action.

The day I thought about the idea, I got started, and I did a little every day, and guess what happened? A book appeared. It didn’t appear because I was a great writer. It didn’t happen because I had loads of time. I didn’t become a reality because I had any idea of the process. It happened for one reason, and one reason only. I got started, a wrote a few words every single day, and I kept going until it was done. When you do things, things happen!

So, now back to you. Have a think about what you are working towards right now, and be real with yourself and ask, could I be doing more on a consistent basis? If it is a wellness goal, what should you be doing each day that you may not be doing? If it is a financial goal, what could you be doing each day to make things happen there? What could you day each day to strengthen your relationship, build your business, develop a skill or get a desired result? You know this stuff, don’t you? It may just require the courage to get started, even if you are unsure of the entire process. In my podcast this week, with Dr Aneta Kotevski, called Lean into the fear of change, we discuss the incredible benefits that come as a result of having the courage to begin a course of action that will lead to positive change.

My goal this week is to help you understand, once and for all, that your results in life are not dependent on your talents and ability. I want you to know deep in your being that you are already good enough, just the way you are. Finally, I hope to encourage you to believe in your heart that action, taken on a consistent basis, will always predictably lead you to the success you want. Trust me on this, when you do things, things happen.