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We get one shot at life on earth, and when it’s over, it’s done, no second chances. That being the case, why not make it the best it can be? Why not aim to live a life of joyful longevity? That means a long life full of; purpose, passion, achievement, happiness, fulfillment, love, community, significance and joy. It’s possible, and it’s available to you, when you put all the pieces into the wellness puzzle, no matter who you are, where you live, what your age is, or what your circumstances are. It simply starts with a thought and decision to live your best life, the rest you will learn as you listen to this podcast.

John Di Natale is a TEDx speaker, international keynote speaker and highly experienced speaking coach. As a charismatic and inspiring keynote speaker, he has presented to audiences in more than a...

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Pietro Girgenti is a born entrepreneur. Inspired by his parents who migrated from Italy with nothing and went on to create great success in Australia, he has also  that courageous and...

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Tania Kolar is president and founder of Ignite Life Mastery Inc, a personal development company. She believes that everyone has the ability to unlock their greatness and live an extraordinary life....

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An honors English graduate from Tufts University, Dr. Stephen Petteruti continued on to medical school to become a Family Practice Physician. In 2014, with a holistic, patient-centered approach, Dr....

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Through a multidisciplinary approach to wellness education that combines technical and hands-on learning, Miranda Mae teaches her clients how to consistently succeed in the real world. Since...

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Heather Rendulic wants to live in a world where everyone feels empowered when they face life’s challenges. She knows how hard life can get. As a young stroke and brain surgery survivor, she learned...

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