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Randy Abramovic

Andrew talks with Randy about his new book, ‘Guys, Guns and God’

Bill Williamson

Andrew interviews published author, Bill Williamson, about his new book, ‘Straining at the Oars’

Tara Best

Andrew interviews published author, Tara Best, about his new book, ‘Magnificent Mindset’

Fred Winn

Andrew interviews published author, Fred Winn, about his new book, ‘For the Least of These’

Oliver Braykovich

Andrew interviews published author, Oliver Braykovich, about his new book, ‘Walking my talk to success’

steve pinner

Andrew interviews published author, Steve Pinner, about his new book, ‘Man: Restarted’

hannah franklin

Andrew interviews published author, Hannah Franklin, about her new book, ‘Thirty by 30.’

jerry reynolds

Andrew interviews published author, Jerry Reynolds, about his new book, ‘Kochu Daveed & His Goliaths.’

steve twartz

Andrew interviews published author, Steve Twartz, about his new book, ‘The Veiled Thread.’

Annie pateman

Andrew interviews published author, Annie Pateman, about her new book, ‘The Strength Within’

Dr Janice Cover

Andrew interviews published author, Dr Janice Cover, about her new book, ‘Teachers are Burdened’

Jenny Cronin

Andrew interviews published author, Jenny Cronin, about her new book, ‘Under the Hidden Moon’

Becky Erkkila

Andrew interviews published author, Becky Erkkila, about her new book, ‘What Shall I Do?’

Marilyn Revill

Andrew interviews published author, Marilyn Revill, about her new book, ‘Aubrey’s Game.’

Monica Finazzo

Andrew interviews published author, Monica Finazzo, about her new book, ‘Living in a Being.’

Jenny Phillips

Andrew interviews published author, Jenny Phillips, about her new book, ‘Family Heartbreak.’

Leonie Brewer

Andrew interviews published author, Leonie Brewer, about her inspiring book, ‘On Divorce Row.’

Mandy Whyte

Andrew interviews published author, Mandy Whyte, about her inspiring book, ‘Dancing on a Razor’s Edge.’

Gemma Farley

Andrew speaks with author, Gemma Farley, about her books, ‘The Stolen God’ and ‘The Stolen God Powers Truth.’

Lisa Macleod

Andrew speaks with new author, Lisa Macleod, about her book, Beneath the Rosh.’

Laura Bannerman

Andrew speaks with new author, Laura Bannerman, about her book, ‘Girl Seeks Life.’

Elsie Bourke

Andrew speaks with new author, Elsie Bourke, about her book, ADHD – Not Just Naughty.’

I would like to acknowledge the importance of the encouragement, guidance and support that Andrew has been in assisting me to complete my book, Carmen’s Legacy. This book has been the most ambitious and confronting project I have taken on since, as a family, we buried our daughter and sister Carmen (18), after we lost her in a car crash.

It has taken me 20-years to complete my book. I found myself in book writing limbo for years at a time. To write about Carmen’s death word by word, was an agonizing process that often became too much for me. 

Andrew must have a sixth sense because he would often contact me to see how I was going with my manuscript. He would encourage me to continue and would often advise me to take small but consistent steps. This helped me through many tough periods and put me on the path to where I could finally continue under my own steam and at my own pace. 

I now have a book that I am proud of and what makes me immensely proud is that Carmen’s three sisters Michelle, Katrina, and Jasmine, have all contributed a chapter. I can fully understand how Ange (Carmen’s mum), was unable to write a chapter. 

I know ‘Carmen’s Legacy’ will empower its readers, and I thank Andrew for his support and encouragement.

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John Maher

Author of 'Carmen's Legacy'

In May of 2020 I met Andrew through a podcast that I did with him about my first book.  I told him I was writing again but wasn’t sure of my target audience or really sure about going through a publisher.  He became an amazing mentor to me and had me understanding who my audience would be and that I could get my book picked up by a publisher.  In November that year only 7 months later a publisher told me he wanted to publish my book.  If it hadn’t been for the guidance of Andrew and the belief he instilled in me,  I think I would still be sitting on it or spending thousands of dollars to publish it myself.

Everyone has a book in them because everyone has a story.  If you want to write a book then Andrew is your person to guide you.  I wholeheartedly endorse Andrew Jobling “The Accidental Author”.

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Carol Cooke

Author of 'The Force Within'

Writing a book and becoming a published author was one of my dreams for a long time. But I had no idea how to go about it. Though I started writing many times, I was not able to finish anything. Then, while settling down in Canada, I got to know about Andrew Jobling, a successful writer in Australia who was helping others to write. We got in touch and with his help and guidance, I was able to start writing once again. He nudged me here and there and set some goals every time we connected on Skype. At last, with his constant help, I was able to complete one book and self-publish it

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Jerry Reynolds

Author of 'Kochu Daveed & His Goliaths'

Here it is!!! my book – “The Strength Within.” The end of an 11 year journey – I was going nowhere until I met Andrew Jobling. Just over 5 years to the day where I had my life changing meeting with Andrew who encouraged me and helped me believe in myself. Together we created my chapters and I went from there. This book would not be possible without him. Forever grateful. Thank you so much Andrew, you really do make people’s dreams come true!!

Find out more about Annie and her book here.

Annie Pateman

Author of 'The Strength Within'

I have had the priviledge of working with Andrew as I rewrote my book and went through the publishing process. He has been amazing. He helped me through every step of the writing and publishing process and continues to help as I am beginning to market my book.

The thing I was impressed and appreciated the most is no matter what question I had or where I got stuck, he had answers. Many times it was lack of confidence or belief in myself. Then, Andrew would tackle that head on and move me through to the next step.

Find out more about Becky’s book here.

Becky Erkkila

Author of 'What Shall I Do?'


Andrew, having signed up for your offer “How to write a book” I must be honest I only completed assignment #1 before I deciding to start my book. I simply worked out my writing style as I went along.  It was your enthusiasm & encouragement in your regular emails that prompted me to bite the bullet & do something I had talked about doing for years.

Bob Jones

Author of 'The Life of a Spoilt Kid'

Andrew, I Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you have done for me in realising this dream of a published book. Your guidance and counsel kept me on track and focussed. Writing something became a natural part of every day life for me and suddenly, there was the finished first draft. It is a tremendously satisfying feeling being a published author. Thank you for everything. I am looking forward to the next part of the journey with you as a continue to write!

Find out more About Steele’s book here.

Steele Bishop

Author of 'Wheels of Steele'

I initially came to learn about Andrew Jobling through an online 12-step writing program that I purchased from him in 2013. I completed most steps and created a plan for a book I wanted to write, but life got in the way and it never went further. When Andrew contacted me about 8 months later, he offered to mentor me one-on-one so that I might finally achieve my dream of being a published author. The one-on-one mentoring was so valuable to keep me accountable with my writing time, to keep my big goals at the forefront of my priorities, and to keep chipping away at all of the seemingly overwhelming tasks involved in writing, editing and publishing a book. Andrew guided me through the process and I felt I had a cheer squad behind me every step of the way. I never believed I was a good enough writer to be a published author, but Andrew helped me to have the confidence to find my voice and keep writing. Without his mentoring, I wouldn’t be a published author today – I’m so glad I took a chance and said yes to his one-on-one mentoring. I feel like my journey as an author has only just begun and the future is so exciting!

Find out more About Laura’s book here.

Laura Bannerman

Author of 'Girl Seeks Life'

After reaping the benefits of journaling when I went through my own cancer experience – I knew it would help me again when I faced my husband’s diagnosis with an advanced form of non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It didn’t take long for ‘loose chapters’ to form… that was when we felt we had something powerful to share. I realised I needed help to pull it all together and that is when I ‘stumbled’ across Andrew’s One Word at a Time online writing course The progressive nature of the modules seemed to subtly propel me further into the process – it felt like I had a personal coach by my side. It was a major key in shifting my writing from the confines of my computer, to a well crafted book that is now available from major outlets. Thank you Andrew once again.

Tricia La Bella

Author of '22:44 Our Hidden Gift'

There are countless obstacles along the way of writing a novel. Life itself was the biggest one for me I think. It took me nearly 4 years to finish my first novel ‘Einmal Sydney und zurück’. I changed the storyline so many times that I cannot even remember what the original idea looked like. I was quite unstructured and was just writing whatever I felt that day. I signed up for Andrew’s Online Writing Course because I was looking for guidance. With his modules I learned how to structure my storyline properly, how to not loose the big picture out of sight and how to finish the book despite all the obstacles. Today I hold my first novel in my hands and it makes me incredibly proud! Thank you so much, Andrew, for helping on the way!

Find out more about Katrin’s book here

Katrin Schmidt

Author of 'Einmal Sydney und zurück'

I would like to send a huge thank you to Andrew Jobling for his constant support and encouragement to help me publish my first book, Thirty by 30: How to Plan the Perfect Wedding.  I connected with Andrew back in 2013 through his One Word at a Time program.  When I started the program, I had this crazy goal to be invited to thirty weddings by the time I turned 30 years old and turn it into a book.  I did not know anything about actually writing and publishing a book, but Andrew helped guide me through the process and seven years later I am holding my book in my hand.  It has been a long road and not always easy, but through every step of the process Andrew was there as my biggest cheerleader.  He never let me give up on my dream of publishing my book and continued to encourage me even when I did not believe I could finish the project.  Andrew’s program and one on one coaching are what made all the difference in me turning my dream into a reality.  Thank you, Andrew, for everything you do to help individuals like me become authors!

Purchase Hannah’s book here.

Hannah Franklin

Author of 'Thirty by 30.'

The long, arduous and sometimes dispiriting journey to publication of The Veiled Thread, my first novel, has reached a point where everything, the whole world opens up before me. The book has been released onto the market. I started this journey without any notion of how to achieve this outcome or whether it was at all achievable. Then I met Andrew who provided such positivity, sensible advice, timely direction, always available, even for an idol chat, willing to spend his valuable time to give direction to the directionless, in a gentle, forgiving, encouraging way. This book is a testimony to Andrew’s communicative abilities and my willingness to listen.

Purchase Steve’s book here.

Steve Twartz

Author of 'The Veiled Thread'

We know that it takes a village to accomplish a task. I am grateful that Andrew Jobling and the members of  the Elite Club are in my village. Andrew’s wide range of skills as an accomplished author and mentor helped me across the finish line. Thank you Andrew

Find out more about Janice’s book here.

Janice Cover

Author of 'Teachers are Burdened'

I was lost. I had an idea and I wanted to share it with the world. I wanted to write a book, I had started and I was stuck, I didn’t know what to do.

I can’t remember how, but Andrew Jobling came to my life. His program, his coaching and his inspiration was a pivotal step for me to be able to make my dream a reality.

His program was not only a great investment into my life, I simply could not have done it without him. I looked forward to meeting him, and I had an accountability partner in him, he made me follow through with my dream. I am grateful for his teachings, and for the legacy he is leaving through all the authors he has now helped.

Find out more about Monica’s book here.

Monica Finazzo

Author of 'Living in a Being'

Andrew’s success has led to my success in becoming a published author. Aubrey’s name is now in print and I’ve enjoyed the journey. Andrew has a natural talent for communicating, an amusing ability to pass on messages found in everyday situations, and a wealth of experience gleaned from his own journey to success. His aim in working with me was for me to achieve my own goals. He helped me to clear obstacles, form positive habits and assess my progress as I worked. His mentoring was valuable. For me his generosity in sharing information and resources, balanced with a totally amazing work ethic, made my journey to be a published author much easier. Andrew was never late for a skype chat, always followed through if he said he would and presented ever positive messages. Videos and workshops were packed with information from Andrew and sometimes from other professionals.He steered me through having my manuscript assessed, helped me to write a good concise synopsis and to presenting my work to various publishers in a professional manner, and to marketing suggestions.Thank You Andrew. You always answered my questions and certainly helped me to get Aub’s story into print. My rating for you as a mentor is 10/10.

Find out more about Marylin’s book here.

Marilyn Revill

Author of 'Aubrey's Game'

Barely a year ago I was feeling uninspired with a half-finished novel and no idea what to do next. Through Andrew Joblings workshop One Word at a Time (…is all it takes to write a best-seller) I discovered the tools I needed to not only complete my novel, but to reshape my way of thinking about writing in general. Andrew’s course motivated me on both a logical level and an emotional one as it saw me through the process of getting my book completed and ready for sale – a feat I can now honestly say I never thought would happen. It also provided me with the gentle nudges I needed to stay on track when the newest ‘shiny’ distraction came along. With my book Blood Awakening published and out in the world I have never been more excited about writing and cannot wait to start on my next novel. Thank you Andrew Jobling, for helping me follow my passion.

Find out more about Nicole’s book here.

Nicole Meredith

Author of 'Blood Awakening'

Being a motivational speaker people often told me that I should write a book. I didn’t know where to begin until I started Andrew’s One Word At A Time program. It explained the process step by step in an informative yet simple way. It was just the kick in the pants that I needed. Not only did it teach me what to write but how to write it to be the most effective for my audience.  I want to use my book to change the lives of teenagers around the world and give them hope. This program has enabled me to do that. Thanks Andrew.

Mike Smith

Author of 'O.W.N. I.T. The Teen's Cheat Codes to Life'

Andrew, Thank you so much for your mentoring course – it set me on the right track and now Leafpaw’s Story is published!!

Jaimee Linke

Author of 'Leafpaws Story - A New beginning'

It’s often said that everyone has a novel in them, and I believe that’s true.  But finding that novel and then putting it onto paper is quite a challenge.  That’s where Andrew comes in!  His program provided me with the motivation to get it done.  If you have a desire to be an author you should contact him and let him help you find your novel too.  I’m glad I did!

Find out more about P.J’s book here.

P.J Connors

Author of '22:44 Our Hidden Gift'

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