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The Ultimate Master of Ceremonies

Andrew will add an inspiring and unique element to your event or function. 

His energy while performing your MC functions will keep things fun and professional while also being sensitive to the mood of the room.

Andrew is highly organised and will keep your program running smoothly and on time, with the flexibility to add or change the program as necessary.

Full of great stories to entertain and provoke thought, speak to Andrew today about your next special occasion or corporate function.

I have used Andrew as Master of Ceremonies at our business meetings countless times.

Our meetings need to be fast-paced to fit in everything and Andrew has the knack of keeping everyone to time whilst allowing each speaker to feel they are valued.

When things don’t go to plan as they sometimes do, I am happy to have Andrew as the MC. I have had him make up time when our speaker hasn’t arrived as well as fill in when a speaker has not used their allotted time and he seems to take these sorts of things in his stride.

Setting the atmosphere is important for us and Andrew’s sense of humour is always appropriate. He always researches our speakers so that when he introduces and edifies them, he does so genuinely.

He is an intelligent and upbeat MC who keeps the audience engaged.


Network 21, Melbourne


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