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"Hi Andrew, I want to say a HUGE thank you for writing ACCIDENTAL AUTHOR.  You have inspired me! It turned out to be exactly what I needed to get me over the line in BELIEVING I can achieve my dream of being an author."

"I finished reading 'Dance until it rains', I absolutely loved it, I couldn't put it down. I'm so glad you got it finished! Your Mum was a wonderfully inspirational woman. Your book has made me even more determined to tell my story."


Andrew was a huge motivational force in helping me to write my book. He was there to help me from the beginning, and thanks to Andrew, I was motivated enough to keep on track with my writing, and to complete the book."

"Andrew, I also wanted to thank you again for enabling me to do what I have done.  Without your support, your interest and your skill I would not have started this amazing experience let alone finished it and held my book in my hand.  I am an author not by accident, but because you gave me the skills and the confidence to be one."


"Andrew is with his audience - he has a powerful desire to engage audience into his message"

“Very inspiring talk. I came feeling quite flat … I left feeling motivated to make a change in my life”

"As part of our Health and Wellbeing Program Andrew Jobling facilitated a half day session for employees around  long term health and wellbeing. This was rolled out Nationally for over 200 of our employees. Andrew was able to actively engage with our staff and provide an energetic and fun session providing constructive reinforcement of ideas and learnings. The feedback from employees and managers was some of the most positive feedback I have ever received about a training session or facilitator."
Susan, Costa Group


"Andrew Jobling came to speak to our Year 8 and Year 9 students about goal setting, and never giving up. He was engaging, he encouraged the boys to look within themselves for their strengths, and  always have the perseverance to keep trying. The boys found him to be motivating, funny, and relatable.
His message is particularly relevant to students ready to take their next step in their life journey. His personal delivery, and his professional approach meant that all students were engaged with his message."
Cassie, Trinity Grammar

"Andrew, thank you for coming in to speak to our student leaders about the importance of determination and having the right mind set. The feedback from our students was that your presentation was engaging and worthwhile; and they got to know each other a little better during the interactive activities."
Louise, Balwyn HS


"I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the live video Funshop. The information was invaluable and interesting. Great to hear other's experiences too. Andrew engages his audience in a relaxed but professional manner. He is full of positive energy which is contagious and inspires us all to believe in our own success."



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‘We create our destiny by dreaming bigger than most people would think reasonable, by believing in ourselves more than most people would think sensible, by making decisions that most people would think illogical and continuing to act way beyond the point that most people would have given up.'

~ Andrew Jobling


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Don't be busy... Be on-purpose!

Posted 4/12/2019

Busy is the new black. Every one is busy being busy, yet very few people are getting anything significant done. Why is that? The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, said:

“Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

That’s something to reflect on. When you think about the things you are doing when making the statement that, you are ‘busy’, are they truly leading you to the vision you have created for your life, or, are they just taking your time? I want to challenge you this week, if this applies to you, to stop being ‘busy’ and start being ‘on-purpose.’

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What's inside will come out... Like a teabag!

Posted 4/6/2019

I never used to drink hot drinks. As I developed into an adult and social being, after my professional football career was over, I realised I should start drinking hot drinks because it was socially acceptable. I could not get my head around coffee, and, I didn’t need another addiction. For a Melburian, living in a city with a massive coffee culture, this gets me a lot of weird looks. So, I settled for herbal tea. To me it was the healthiest option, and one I would be willing to try. Over the years, I have come to love tea, particularly lemongrass & ginger. What I love the most, is knowing that when I put that lemongrass & ginger teabag in the hot water, lemongrass & ginger comes out.

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All it takes is... Just a word!

Posted 3/29/2019

Life can seem difficult and complicated at times, can’t it? I do have to admit it right now, with the risk of alienating myself here, I’m loving my life. I’m 50 plus GST this year (that’s 55 for those of you who have no idea what GST is!), and I finally feel like I’m getting it. The wisdom I seem to have accumulated, my journey with Christianity over the last two years and the purpose I have discovered in my life has helped me see how simple life really is. As you make your way through life, I want to help you move with more ease. So, this week, I want to reinforce the power of every single word you say to yourself and others.

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Simply, turn it off... Then on again!

Posted 3/23/2019

I am a footballer, and have a very simple brain that has been knocked around far too many times! Make no mistake, simple works for me. If things are too complicated, I often go into meltdown, so, it is a necessity for me to keep things simple. I also find this helps enormously with the people I speak to and work with. It is my greatest mission to create long-term change in people’s lives and to do that, I need to make things simple.

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I hope you're up for the... 63-day challenge!

Posted 3/16/2019

I have spent a vast majority of my working life teaching people the concept of one-day-at-a-time. As a personal trainer, I encouraged clients they could increase their fitness one-step-at-a-time, improve their nutrition one-meal-at-a-time and change their life one-thought-at-a-time. When I started mentoring aspiring authors, I taught that a book, no matter how big or small, is written just one-word-at-a-time. This is a pretty simple concept that most people can understand, but, can they stick to it? That’s the question. It seems difficult, especially in the first couple of weeks to commit to this one-day-at-a-time concept. That’s why I want to help you with it, and, dare you to take up my 63-day challenge.

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The power is... With your tribe!

Posted 3/9/2019

Last weekend I did something I am very proud of, and, something that will hold a fond place in my memory for many years to come. So, of course, I’m going to write a blog about it. The important thing about this message is that I want to ensure it comes across with the achievement being much less about me and what I accomplished, and far more about the power of a team, a group, a club, a community or whatever you want to call it. I bonded with a new group of people and shared an experience with them that will live on…  evidence about the power of the tribe.

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Have faith, and the... Unseen will be seen!

Posted 3/2/2019

There are many quotes, definitions and descriptions for the word faith, but two are my favorites. The first comes from the bible, and is in Hebrews chapter 11, verse 1 and states; faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The second is a quote by author Phillip Yancy and says; faith means trusting in advance that which only makes sense in reverse. Either way, the power of faith is knowing that, if we keep taking the right actions, the things that are not seen, or seem to be not working, will be seen.

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Everything is okay becasue... The pendulum swings!

Posted 2/24/2019

Have you ever heard it said, in one form or another, that; at any point in life, we are either down, falling down or getting up after falling down? I don’t know if that sounds like it’s a little overly negative or not, but as I look at my life and where I am now, I can see a lot of truth in that statement. It’s not negative, it’s the truth. It shouldn’t discourage you, it should instead absolutely encourage you. A great mentor of mine puts it another way, after hearing it herself at a seminar. She now lives by the principle that, the pendulum swings.

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Be proud of being called, the... Dumbest in town!

Posted 2/15/2019

It’s interesting what many people perceive as dumb, stupid or weird. I think anyone doing things differently to the majority can easily be seen in that light. Different scares many people. Different seems wrong to the mainstream. Different makes people look like they are not quite with it. The fact is that different often represents genius, achievement and innovation. It is my goal in life is to live differently, be different and achieve different, so I am okay with being seen as dumb, stupid or weird. I hope you feel the same and won’t get offended, but will be complimented when you are called dumb.

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The strategy will work, if you... Work the strategy!

Posted 2/8/2019

I wish I could give you better news. I wish I could tell you that success was easy. I wish I could tell you just one call, one submission, one request, one presentation, one audition, one practice or one effort is all that’s required to experience abundant and exponential success. I think you knew it already, but it’s not. You already knew it, didn’t you? If we know this, why do we give up on things so readily? Why do we stop trying and judge our results too early? Why don’t we commit to a strategy until we are successful, even if it takes longer that we want?

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