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Andrew believes that there are no accidents in life. In fact, when we trust ourselves, follow our intuition and take immediate and spontaneous action, and keep going, anything is possible, no matter how illogical, unlikely or unreasonable it may seem.

Andrew was a footballer, he was a personal trainer and he was definitely not a writer or even a reader. At school, English was his worst subject by far. In fact, the extent of his reading was the sports section of the newspaper and comics. At the time he made the illogical decision to write a book, he owned two businesses and was working more than 100 hours per week, in each one of the seven days.

So then, the question is “how does someone with no time, no experience, no qualifications, and really, no clue become a best-selling author”? Actually, it is very simple – when you have a passion, when you have a message that you want to spread and when you have a burning desire to get that message out there, writing a book is simple.

He began to think “how do I write a book”? His answer was a simple one – to write the same way as he speaks and just write one word at a time until the job is done.

The result is that he currently has seven published books with plans of publishing at least one new book per year until he is no longer able to write. With his vision to live joyfully beyond 100 years of age, there are many books to come.


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