A few of our client's testimonials

We weren’t exactly sure what to expect from the session with Andrew Jobling – or what our staff (a diverse group of scientists, engineers, marketers, technicians and regulatory experts) would get out of it. All we knew was that we needed something – that staff was struggling to juggle accelerating change and growth in the Company and their personal, family and work priorities, to say nothing of the pandemic.

What we GOT was so much more than we expected. Andrew’s approach – self-revealing, insightful, genuinely authentic- was low-key, but his impact has been transformational. In fact, within days of the session, I received many emails and calls from staff, saying he’d inspired them to make immediate positive changes to their daily routines, mirroring my personal experience.

Monics Benyk

HR Manager, PolyNovo

The team thoroughly enjoyed your ‘Win the Day’ session! Their feedback was so positive and they each came away feeling really motivated and empowered. One staff member messaged me to say it was just what they needed and thinks the session was a great addition to HCA’s wellbeing program.  Thank you again!

Sally Marwe

People and Culture Manager, HCA - Allied Health

Thank you for your wonderful presentation. I have received in excess of 50 messages privately from people thanking me for organising you to do your presentation and telling me how much they needed that right now with what is going on in their life. It’s the exact reason I have chosen to continue to deliver speakers like you to our industry as I keep getting told how much people want it. Thank you again. 

Jodi Sharman

Managing Principal, Marsh Advantage

It was an absolute pleasure to have Andrew speak to our staff about how to support their own mental health, especially during this uncertain time of the coronavirus pandemic! I personally took so much away from the session, as I know many others have as well. Andrew is a very thoughtful, clear communicator with a deep understanding of how to help others to better themselves and appears to have a real passion to help others.

Tara Keast

HR Manager, DesignInc

Staff thoroughly enjoyed Andrew’s positive message. His down to earth approach and vulnerability to share his personal stories with staff was refreshing and appreciated by staff.

Staff commented that Andrew’s session was the ‘best staff forum’ that they had been to.

Dimi Patitsis

Chief People Officer, Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

Having Andrew Jobling present his book ‘Dance until it rains’ was a positive experience for my team. Being a Leader of a large network of stores it was my intention to bring a voice that aligned with all the principals of determination and achieving success.

Since the workshop I have seen turning points evolve for various members who are ever so grateful that I decided to take a different approach from the usual team meetings. Team feedback was that it was the best team meeting yet that they had experienced. The results for our business have grown positively since. I have also been able to continue from the work Andrew and I did which has kept my team focused and further motivated them to deliver a strong quarter and finish the year with a bang!

Meryem Arpaci

Regional Sales Manager, Sunglass Hut & Bright Eyes / Luxottica Retail Australia

Andrew inspired our members and guests by initiating ideas on how to change their fitness habits for the better. The feedback has been great, and the members really appreciated his simple and effective approach to exercise. Thank you Andrew for coming and sharing your story’s with us.

Amanda Watson

Health & Fitness Manager, Monash Aquatic & Reacreation Centre

I found your presentation brutally honest, telling it how it is. Stirring a conviction within – nowhere to hide from you Andrew.

Simone Fraser

Director, Travel Managers, Wandin

Andrew literally gave us a ‘healthy lunch’ at our Fundraising Conference in Melbourne and really hit the nail on the head when he talked about ‘dancing till it rains’. There are times when in fundraising circles that we just need some motivation to simply keep at it in making a difference in the world. Thanks Andrew I am motivated and as I read your book that motivation will stay with me for a long time. Just Fantastic.

Peter Fletcher

Fundraising institude Australia

Andrew Jobling, a corporate speaker who played 24 senior games for The St Kilda Football Club between 1981 and 1987 in an era when St Kilda dominated the bottom of the ladder certainly knows how to deliver an empowering and engaging speech about the motivation behind high level, ‘RAISE THE BAR’ type goal setting. His Kieren Perkins story had the hairs on the back of my neck standing at attention. When Andrew spoke about success principles and his own inspiration, sharing raw and brutally honest stories of his past, including the death of his beloved mum and the heartbreak of being dropped by St Kilda the room was completely and utterly silent, and there weren’t too many dry eyes either. Thank you for presenting to my team your fun, dynamic and passionate speech that will remain with the Positive Training Solutions team for years to come.

James Grima

CEO, Positive Training Solutions

Thank you Andrew for being a part of the 2009 VECCI Human Resources Conference.  Your presentation ‘Dance Until It Rains’ was inspirational, relevant and entertaining.  A great way to finish off the day!  It was a pleasure working with you.  Keep spreading the ‘healthy’ word.

Caroline Potter

Project Manager, Buisiness Services - Events, VECCI

“We had the pleasure of Andrew presenting to our entire business across all states during our regular business check-ins and discussions.  Andrew captivated the team and was able to provide powerful insights into how each of us is able to make positive permanent life changes to improve our wellness and life longevity.  Well worth the time and investment.”

Gregory Metzger

General Manager, First 5 Minutes

“Andrew joined us as part of our Connecting with our People Program specifically designed to support and connect our staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  We were looking for a Wellbeing partner with knowledge and credibility in this important area, and Andrew was the perfect fit for us. 

With his short, sharp and adaptable sessions (and wit), we were able to provide an environment where people could connect each week, talk about all things health and wellbeing, and end each session with key take-aways and follow up activities.  

I highly recommend Andrew as a Wellbeing expert and presenter.  His easy going, flexible and uplifting nature served to create a great and beneficial partnership.”

Sue McNamara

Director, HR, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

I recently engaged Andrew to have discussions on how we can help a national operations team focus on the right thing through these trying times. Virus or no virus managing work life balance and focusing on the important things is always a challenge.

Through an online seminar Andrew was able to deliver some insight into perspective and techniques to keep it real. The online presentation really hit the targeted audience and the positive feedback from the team proved to have been beneficial.

 I would highly recommend reaching out to Andrew to see how he can assist you and your teams.

Eachan Fraser

National Operations Manager, Ames Australasia

His presentation certainly perfectly hit the mark and was very entertaining, engaging and motivating. As attendees left the presentation there was a very positive vibe and keenness to following his ideas.

Gaynor Henderson

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Monash Health

Andrew Jobling gave an inspirational talk to business operators attending the Launch of the MCEI Marketing Awards.
You would think business people entering awards would be both motivated and goal orientated – but Andrew inspired them to ‘dig deeper’ and put them in a mindset of taking their self motivation to a new level of awareness – in all walks of their life.

Andrew has a very approachable method of delivery for his message that is both passionate, profound and delivered with a sense of humour.

Some attendees could not sleep when they got home as they were on such an inspirational high!

Barbara Gabogrecan

President, Marketing Communications Executives International (MCEI)

Andrew is with his audience – he has a powerful desire to engage audience into his message.

Andrew McCallum

 Very inspiring talk. I came feeling quite flat … I left feeling motivated to make a change in my life.


Flight Centre

Andrew, it was an excellent talk. Enthusiastic. Good message. Good eye contact. From the heart.

Peter Ford

Rotary Club, Point Gellibrand

Andrew Jobling spoke on a few occasions at our 2010 Melbourne CBD Relay For Life event. At the candlelight ceremony he spoke openly and passionately about his families fight against cancer. The event went on to be the largest CBD Relay on record with 450 amazing participants raising over $70,000 for Cancer Council Victoria to use in research, prevention and support for all those affected by Cancer. We thank Andrew very much and hope that his courage in speaking about his experiences with cancer will inspire many others to do the same.

Brett O'Farrell

Relay For Life & Community Development Manager, Cancer Council Victoria

Dear Andrew, I am writing to say thank you very much for your continued support, dedication and perseverance with presenting at the NSW Congress last week. Your session received great feedback from the delegates that I spoke with, and I wanted to share that with you. I just wanted to personally thank you once again. I am delighted to have met you personally and you have been an inspiration to many within CPA Australia and across the membership body. I admire the dedication you have shown to not only attend the NSW Congress event, but also prepare a great presentation which was highly informative, inspirational and entertaining at once.

Ameer Soliman

Product development executive, CPA

Andrew presented seminars for us with the title of ‘Live By Choice’. The vast majority of the Baulderstone staff were inspired and empowered to make positive changes in their lives. Thank you Andrew.


There are many different components that make up a good workplace wellness program, with our employees spread across 17 locations across the globe and all working from home, we had to turn to online wellness.

Pentana Solutions had the pleasure of working with Andrew Jobling over the course of 8 months. Andrew delivered engaging, educational and transformational webinars and answered participants questions, the experience was as interactive and effective as if they were in the same room.

Thank you Andrew for supporting our workplace health and wellbeing program through a very challenging time. The feedback you received from our staff throughout the program is a testimony of your valuable contribution.  It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Genny Lobo

Global Head of HR, Pentana Solutions

I contacted Andrew with an opportunity to present at our team offsite in December. I found Andrew easy to deal with in the lead up to the day and he made himself available for me at short notice.

From the very start of his presentation Andrew had the room engaged. The content of “joyful longevity” spoke to everyone in the room and gave useful tips to take away and put in to practice.

The feedback has been excellent and the conversation has continued beyond the presentation which is a positive sign it’s made an impact.

Nicole Speers

Head of People and Culture, Meridian Energy

Andrew is a very passionate, informative and entertaining speaker and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. As one of our members commented on our forum “What an awesome speaker! That was great I can’t wait to implement my health habits”.

It was special to have such a positive vibe at the after talk drinks despite the tough times many members are going through. Everyone I talked to felt motivated, supported and were having a great night.

Paul Davies

Organiser, Divorce Support & Social Group

The presentation provided by Andrew was practical and insightful, made absolute sense in terms of the Principles used in building a healthy mindset, and their application on how to take control of your mindset.

Trish Fazzino

Human Resources, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

Working with Andrew was so easy. Andrew brought insight and expertise to the development of a bespoke wellness hour program that was delivered to our staff. Andrew’s presentation to staff was inspiring and uplifting.

Jenny Cobby

Senior Manager, People & Culture, OzChild

As part of our Health and Wellbeing Program Andrew Jobling facilitated a half-day session for employees around reviewing their long-term health and wellbeing. This was rolled out Nationally for over 200 of our employees.

Andrew was able to actively engage with our staff and provide an energetic and fun session providing constructive reinforcement of ideas and learnings.

The feedback from employees and managers was some of the most positive feedback I have ever received about a training session or facilitator.

Susan Marshall

National HR Manager, Costa Group

Andrew, the overwhelming feedback was how relatable you are, a nice lay back style that is easy to listen to and absorb. Your message is simple but practical and therefore achievable. Often it is good to hear the same message but from a different perspective and from a different person. Some quotes heard around our office:

  • Informative, gives clear perspective on how to achieve goals
  • Loved “eating the frog” theory – giving tools on how to tackle the difficult tasks
  • Inspirational, genuine, down to earth and practical
Marcus Peters

Director, Biggin & Scott Melbourne Residential

Thank you for your talk to our Sales Managers. I have received positive and energetic feedback and it helped to the start of a great conference and great week. Personally, I felt most of what you spoke about, was common sense. Unfortunately, we lose sight of that in a world of commercialism and trying to become sometimes, someone that we are not. I kept thinking of all the people that I know that would benefit greatly from listening to you and hope to organise another next year.

Yvonne Steel

Managing Director, Domain Wine Shippers

Our sales team spends a considerable amount of time on the road and away from their families. We wanted someone that could that would relate to our team and give them easy ways to improve their current lifestyles. Andrew spoke to them about their health and improving their wellbeing whilst travelling. His advice was sound and logical and easy for them to implement. It was refreshing that he didn’t just tell them they should change their diet and exercise more. I would recommend Andrew as a conference speaker to any group wanting to find a fun and interactive way to help their employees improve their health for the future.

Meaghan Ryssenbeek

Marketing Services Manager, Gallagher Australia

corporate and keynote SPEAKER. FACILITATOR. 

Practical and insightful presentations

Andrew provides valuable tools and a huge dose of inspiration to empower people to be more effective and create long term positive change.


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