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we can all create the life we desire

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This book is a pathway to better days. It is a roadmap to greater joy, and for many, I have no doubt that its title will prove to be your experience: Tears of Joy.”
~ Dr Allan Meyer, author, speaker and difference maker

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    The shedding of tears after a significant achievement, a meaningful moment or purposeful pursuit is an indication of the powerful emotional joy we all strive for in our lives.  The fact is, everything we experience and all achievements in life start with a thought, belief, or perspective we choose to focus on. Therefore, we can all create the life we desire.

    What if there was a process for personal transformation that could lead to regular ‘tears of joy’ moments?

    In T.E.A.R.S. of Joy, Andrew Jobling provides the simple steps that will predictably lead to many meaningful moments of significance, achievement and well-being, empowering you to live a life of joyful longevity.

    This book offers a sure and certain pathway to transformation that lasts.


    TEARS of Joy


    TEARS of Joy

    A Wave of Wellness

    Andrew Jobling is the best-selling author of eight books, a speaker to teens and adults, a mentor to many and a blogger and podcast host.  His mission is simple; to create a wave of wellness around the world and help people live a purposeful life of joyful longevity.  Andrew says; “We create our destiny by dreaming bigger, believing in ourselves more and continuing to act beyond the point that most people would have given up.”

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    Eat Chocolate Drink Alchohol and Be Lean & Healthy book cover

    It's about the habits you create

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    Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, everything you read and listen to on the subject will only confuse you. We are constantly bombarded with new ideas, magic formulas, super diets, fabulous products and other easy ways to get in shape, stay in shape and feel great without much effort.

    So what makes Andrew think that he has got something different to offer?

    This book was borne out of a frustration that Andrew could not find user-friendly, enjoyable or realistic information for his clients to use to change their lives – it was all too hard!

    He is certainly not saying that there is not a lot of amazing information out there about health and nutrition. The problem was how to take this information and apply it into an already busy and often stressful life that the majority of people have. Does this sound true for you?

    Andrew has spent many years researching nutrition and the psychology of creating long-term change through various means. Reading, listening, attending seminars and working with an amazing group of people. He has experimented and practically applied many different styles and theories on eating until he developed a formula that worked for him and seemed to have the greatest positive impact on the majority of people. This included eating chocolate, drinking alcohol and being lean & healthy!

    Yes, the title is TRUE, not just a hook to sell the book! Everything he has discovered in his 20+ years in this industry he offers to you in this book. So, how is it different and why would you spend your hard earned dollars on it? Here are 5 reasons:

    It is easy to read. So many books Andrew has read have confused him (he is not a brain surgeon!). If this is the case then how would the general population go? He is used to teaching maths and phys ed to teenagers – he is good at making things simple and understandable.

    It is honest. People need to know that the facts, even if they don’t like what they hear. That long-term positive change doesn’t happen overnight and can’t be obtained through a diet, a tablet, a cream, an abdominator or a sauna! It comes through making a decision and then taking simple, daily and consistent action to change thinking and consequently change habits. 

    It is doable, realistic & achievable. It is not as hard as most people think. Getting into shape doesn’t require giving up all the foods and drinks that you love, starving yourself, exercising like an olympian and being miserable as many people attempt to do. One simple change that is made and established as a new habit will have an enormously positive effect on your optimal health and well-being. Take it one step at a time. 

    It is enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy doing something, how long will it last? What is the point of making your life miserable and compromising your energy & your health all in the pursuit of losing a few quick kilograms that will most likely find you again in the near future? Enjoy your lifestyle and your indulgence in moderation. The moderate amount of chocolate, alcohol and other fantastic foods you consume will not determine your outcome. It is the habits you develop that will. 

    It is inspiring and empowering. Andrew truly believes that every single person on the planet can change their situation by deciding what they want, why they want it, making a decision and taking some very simple steps to achieve it.



      The Wellness Puzzle Book Cover

      Creating optimal well-being, one piece at a time

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      Start putting the pieces in place today…

      Imagine a life where you looked and felt exactly the way you wanted. Imagine if you had energy to burn, all day long, and could participate fully and fabulously in everything you did. Imagine if you had optimal wellbeing and lived every day with passion and purpose. Imagine if you could be an inspiring example to people you care about most, and help them live a life of optimal wellbeing, purpose, happiness and prosperity.

      Does this sound like fairyland? Does this sound like a great idea in theory, but not achievable in reality? This is not just fantasy, and, it’s not just the author’s great idea. Optimal wellbeing is not only possible, not just the luck of the draw, but, guaranteed, if you take personal control and put all the pieces of the wellness puzzle into place.

      Through the right thinking, positive emotions, deliberate actions and healthy habits, optimal wellbeing is no longer just a hope or a wish, but a predictable and exciting reality for anyone who is willing to put the pieces in place.

      In this entertaining, inspiring and informative book, Andrew describes the seven pieces of the wellness puzzle. He will show through encouraging stories, how simply this process is for anyone who has a vision to live a long happy and healthy life of passion, purpose and significance.

      You will be ready to start putting the pieces into place, the moment you start reading this book.



      Accidental Author Book Cover

      Your success will be no accident

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      As soon as you put this book down you will feel empowered. You will think, if this bozo can write bestselling books then I can do anything!”

      Imagine if you could transform your career and do something that aligns totally with your values, feeds your passion and fulfills your purpose in life.

      It happened to Andrew Jobling, and he truly believes it can be the same for you.

      In the author’s own words:

      “For me, the passion became helping other people write books … for you, it will be something completely different. Just know that writing your book will expand your thinking, strengthen your self-belief, give you a vision, open doors that you may never have considered and literally explode your career and your life.

      It will do this, as I love to say…one word at a time!”

      This book has been written for you to use in one or more of three ways:

      1. To be a good read and entertain you.
      2. To encourage, inspire and empower you to chase your dreams — no matter what they are or how unlikely
      and out of reach they may seem.
      3. To teach you how to write and publish your own bestselling book!

      Read it, enjoy it and use it to build your own belief that you are already good enough to be a bestselling author or achieve whatever you want …This book has been written to encourage you, help you believe in yourself and teach you how to write your own published book(s)! Believe me when I say; you can do it and it will be one of the best things you will ever do. Most importantly for you right now — it’s not as hard as you think.



      Kicking On Book Cover

      From unlikely athlete to accidental author

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      From unlikely athlete to accidental author.

      What stops most people is themselves … do you know what I mean? Something happens to us as we grow up and experience life, the opinions of influential people, our success and failure. We start to second-guess ourselves. We start to worry about what other people think. We start to fear failure and rejection. We stop taking risks and if we are not very careful, we stop really living life … we play it safe.

      Those who Kick On in life make seemingly illogical decisions, overcome obvious obstacles, move forward against apparently overwhelming odds and achieve unlikely success … everyone can do that.

      In this book, I talk about achieving unlikely success through; getting a vision, following some simple principles and persisting until the goal is achieved … no matter how illogical, unlikely or unreasonable it seems.

      Believe in yourself more, think less, act anyway and … see what happens!

      I was an unlikely athlete who somehow became a professional footballer. I was time-poor, broke, a non-reader and totally unqualified and I miraculously transformed myself into a bestselling author. My message is that you can follow your dreams and live your passion … no matter how unlikely it may seem. Enjoy this book, laugh at my stories, learn some lessons and take action. An amazing life is there waiting for you … the moment you decide to Kick On!



      Dance Until it Rains Book Cover

      If you knew you could do or have anything you desired?

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      If you knew you could do or have anything you desired, what would you do and how would you live?

      Learn life’s most important lessons from an ordinary person who had an extraordinary desire to change her circumstances. Be inspired to create a vision for your life, take some simple steps… and then watch how your life changes forever!

      This is a book that will make you laugh and make you cry. Most importantly, it will help you to find the motivation to create a better level of wellbeing and a happier life for yourself.

      Inspired by the life of Andrew Jobling’s mother, Sue, Dance Until It Rains reveals lessons that can help us all to live a life of health, happiness and prosperity.

      Sue Jobling
      Born in an Eastern European country faced with the increasing threat of a world war and Nazi invasion, Sue Jobling’s childhood was full of challenges and events that significantly impacted her journey to adulthood. Despite this, she became a successful career woman, loving wife and adoring mother to three children. And when diagnosed with cancer, her inner strength shone through. With determination, gratitude, focus and an attitude of ‘doing what it takes’, she set about not just beating the disease but creating a life of abundance.

      In this heart-warming tribute, Andrew takes the life lessons he learned from his remarkable mother and shows us how we can all benefit if we apply them to our own lives.



      Use your brilliance to create abundance

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      Want to be inspired? This the book for you.

      Andrew has found 16 inspiring individuals, including the legendary AFL player, president and pioneer Allen Aylett, who have agreed to and shared their stories. Unlike Allen, most are not household names – except in their own house – they are ordinary people with an extraordinary desire to change their circumstances.

      The forward is written by Allan Pease, international speaker and author of 18 bestsellers, who says;

      ‘This book really resonated with me. What I love most is that it’s about everyday people. These inspiring people had the courage to make some changes in their lives, tell their stories, be vulnerable and help others who may be in the same situation.’

      • Do you want to be inspired?
      • Are you looking for ideas to help create more abundance in your life?
      • Do you know you have brilliance but are struggling to turn it into something significant?
      • Have you found yourself broke or broken at any stage of your life?
      • Would you like to learn from people who have transformed their lives?




      Simply Strength Book Cover

      Get lean, fit & healthy in your own home

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      Everyone can be lean, fit and healthy – but sometimes we all need a little guidance on how to achieve our goals. With Simply Strength, you too can attain all your strength and fitness goals – no need for fancy equipment or gym membership, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home.

      Andrew Jobling, qualified trainer and wellness veteran, will show you how to exercise for strength, fitness and the athletic look using carefully graded exercises you can tailor for your own fitness and performance needs. The book contains extra information vital for your health and well-being, including training tips, exercise variations, comprehensive nutrition overview (including scrumptious and healthy recipes), and a training chart, so you can check your progress as you attain even greater results.

      This 64-page full-colour book takes you through the exercises step by step, and accompanies the DVD. Take the Simply Strength way to better health, fitness and happiness today!

      Joia Book Cover

      Living a life of joy through the eyes of a pup

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      “It was a sunny day in late April 2009. My wife Laura and I had just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and all was blissfully good. She must have been feeling extra confident on that particular day when she rang to tell me that she had a surprise. I was immediately worried!!

      ‘I couldn’t resist,’ she said. ‘Resist what?’ I asked nervously. ‘As soon as I saw her I knew I had to have her. She is just irresistable and we can return her and get our money back within 7 days if you want!’ Her timing was terrible and she knew it, but she also knew full well that as soon as I laid eyes on this gorgeous 8 week old Maltese Shitzu pup there would be no turning back. What I didn’t expect was the incredibly profound impact this dog would have and is continuing to have on my life!”

      ‘Joia’ is a book written by an accidental crazed one-eyed pet owner! Andrew Jobling has been surprised, inspired, entertained and empowerd by a 5kg Maltese Shitzu named ‘Joia’ – who would have believed it? Certainly not he. This book is a must read for all those looking for the simplistic answers to life’s biggest question – How can I be happy? Who would have thought the answers would have come from a dog?

      Through her naivety and knowing no other way, Joia the pup has stumbled across 20 profound lessons to create lifelong happiness, joy and abundance

      Powerful Beyond Measure Book Cover

      Andrew's first eBook is a must

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      Andrew’s first eBook, ‘Powerful Beyond Measure’, is a must.

      It has taken many years to compile and contains over 50 of his most inspiring, informative and empowering articles.

      The main theme of the book is that we all have the power to create our own destiny, whether with our health or any other area of our lives.

      It gives simple strategies and ideas and very practical tips to create positive long-term change by following the pathway to optimal wellness:

      1. The Right Mindset
      2. Lifestyle
      3. The power of Nutrition
      4. Exercise


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