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Pablo Miller

Spirit Radio Network


Every Thursday morning, Andrew talks to Pablo Miller on Sprit Radio Network about a different aspect of his new and life changing book, The Wellness Puzzle. The listen to the short, inspiring and paradigm-shifting segments that have already happened, simply click on the links below, and, enjoy:


Introduction to Optimal Wellness. Thursday May 16, 2019 - Click Here

The Power of Purpose. Thursday May 23, 2019 - Click Here

Protect your Mind. Thursday May 30, 2019 - Click Here

Breathe easy. Thursday June 6, 2019 - Click Here

Drinking water - what, when, why and how?. Thursday June 27, 2019 - Click here

Let food be thy medicine. Thursday July 4, 2019 - Click Here

The metabolic fire. Thursday July 11, 2019 - Click Here

Whole food. Thursday July 18, 2019 - Click Here

Flush those toxins. Thursday July 25, 2019 - Click Here