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Some of the Joy listeners said:


"Hi Andrew, I love listening to you weekly on Joy FM - you motivate me beyond belief!! Thanks for all of your advice"


"Hi Andrew. Love your site and thoroughly enjoy your sessions on Joy FM. Thank you so much"



Andrew has had a lot of Joy (pardon the pun) working with Joy FM on Monday's. A great radio station with some great people.

Andrew would like to thank the following for allowing him to share the microphone with them:

  • Patrick
  • Kylie
  • Tim
  • Beau
  • and others

To listen to Andrew, Kylie and Patrick on the show aired on:

Monday April 23rd, 2007, 
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Monday May 7th, 2007, 
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Monday May 14th, 2007, 
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Some of the Joy listeners said:

"Good Morning Andrew, I have just begun on a journey to a better me. I joined a gym last week for the first time in 3 years - and I know I have a long, challenging road ahead of me. I heard you this morning on Joy FM on my drive to work. You were speaking about preparation. I have battled with my weight for most of my life, and so many of the points you raised this morning really rang true with me - always giving up too early, being so eager to 'change my life' at the beginning, but letting it go when it gets to difficult. You have inspired me to actually take the time to sit here and actually write down a goal I wish to achieve, and why its important. I've never done that before. Now that I have this written down, I will take your advice and read it every day. Focusing on the positive rather than the negativr for a change may really help me through this time, and help me stay there :) Thank you for your advice and inspiring words :) Kind Regards"

"Believe it or not mate your 5 min talk on joy a few minutes ago has given me a new energy. I have had last few weeks full of stress from job, confusions in relationship, and tensions with a critical matter - your talk has given me energy to stand up, smile and get things done and also share with people how much I love them. Thank you Andrew and Thank you Beau and Whole Joy team."

"Hi Andrew, I listen to you on Monday mornings with my 15 year old daughter in the car on the way to school/work. We really love your sensible/doable advice and have included more superfoods in our diet. The exercise is still a bit hit & miss but we are working on it. Thank you so much"

"I listen to you on Joy and you are very motivational. Thank You"

"Dear Andrew, I have read some of your work and more recently listened to your spot on JOY radio and congratulate you on your great knowledge, advice and wisdom. Some of your recent spots on the radio gave me the motivation to get back to being fit and healthy agin and I must say some 6 weeks later I am feeling great. Thanks so much!"

"Hey Andrew, I just wanted to let you know that I listen to you on Joy when ever I can and I find you very motivating. I'm 24 and I have had some big life changes in the past few months and trying to get back on track. I went into Borders the other day trying to look for your book but was out of luck. Do you know where abouts I can grab a copy of it. Trying hard to look after myself and I really like your values.... Keep up the good work."
Ian - St Kilda

"Dear Andrew, I want to thank you, Kylie and Patrick. I have been listening to every show since the beginning of the six week program, I have bought your book and I have implemented some of your suggestions. In only 4 weeks I have noticed some significant benefits. The first is that my pants are now too big! I have to do my belt up another notch. I have more energy as I am eating breakfast everyday and I am easily walking over 12,000 steps every day where is used to be about 6,000. I have renewed enthusiasm for life and I feel fantastic. Thank you so much"

"Hi Andrew, i'm a Joy listener and really enjoyed your 'six weeks to a better you' campaign. A bit disappointed that i never completed it! However here I am- on a mission to get fit. Could you please give me some pointers?"

"I enjoy listing to you on JOY-FM keep up the good work and keep us informed on better health thanks"

"I look forward to your session on Joy every Monday, thank you"

"I enjoy listening to Andrew on Joy FM"

"Always look forward to listening to your fact-sheets presentations on JOY Monday mornings - good way to start the week.. thank you. Look forward to read your 2nd book."