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Andrew interviews new authors 

Writing and publishing a book is an incredible achievement.

In these interviews I talk to new authors. These are people who have done what only a few people will ever do. Their stories are inspiring, their books are life-changing and I hope that, through watching these interviews, you will be inspired to go forth and chase your own dream, whatever it may be.


Jenny Cronin

Andrew interviews published author, Jenny Cronin, about her new book, 'Under the Hidden Moon'

Becky Erkkila

Andrew interviews published author, Becky Erkkila, about her new book, 'What Shall I Do?'

Marilyn Revill

Andrew interviews published author, Marilyn Revill, about her new book, 'Aubrey's Game.'

Monica Finazzo

Andrew interviews published author, Monica Finazzo, about her new book, 'Living in a Being.'

Jenny Phillips

Andrew interviews published author, Jenny Phillips, about her new book, 'Family Heartbreak.'

Leonie Brewer

Andrew interviews published author, Leonie Brewer, about her inspiring book, 'On Divorce Row.'

Mandy Whyte

Andrew interviews published author, Mandy Whyte, about her inspiring book, 'Dancing on a Razor's Edge.'

Gemma Farley

Andrew speaks with author, Gemma Farley, about her books, The Stolen God and The Stolen God Powers Truth.

Lisa Macleod

Andrew speaks with new author, Lisa Macleod, about her book, Beneath the Rosh.

Laura Bannerman

Andrew speaks with new author, Laura Bannerman, about her book, Girl Seeks Life.

Elsie Bourke 

Andrew speaks with new author, Elsie Bourke, about her book, ADHD - Not Just Naughty.

Caroline Cook & Valeria Tokoar

Andrew speaks with new authors (mother and daughter), Caroline Cook and Valeria Tokoar, about there  books, Where There's Life, There Really is Hope and Rehabilitated.

Pat Grosse

Andrew speaks with new author, Pat Grosse, about her book, The Intuitive Marketer.

Rocco Caratozzolo

Andrew speaks with new author, Rocco Caratozzolo, about his book, Never Alone.

Allie Clark

Andrew speaks with new author, Allison Clark, about her book, I Don't Hate Me Anymore.