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Andrew Jobling is a compelling and entertaining speaker and educator engaged by businesses around Australia to ignite the power within to achieve health, happiness and prosperity. He provides valuable tools and huge doses of inspiration that empower people to be more effective and create long term positive change.


As an in demand speaker and educator he balances this with his writing coaching and media commitments.


Andrew's services include:

  • Keynote speaking
  • Workshops and seminar development and facilitation
  • Master of Ceremonies with specific theme/messages woven in
  • Developing and delivering corporate wellness programs
  • Individual Mentoring - performance, wellbeing and business



Topics Include, but not limited to:

Piecing Together the Wellness Puzzle - Have you ever patiently persisted to put together a puzzle, finally got to the end, and found a piece missing? It's frustrating because an incomplete puzzle is no puzzle at all. The pieces that complete the wellness puzzle will enable you to live the life you have always wanted. But make no mistake, missing a piece of the wellness puzzle is not just frustrating ... it could be devastating. In this entertaining, informative and inspiring session Andrew offers the seven pieces of the wellness puzzle that, if put in place, will lead to longevity, energy, passion, purpose and abundance.

This is a 30, 45 or 60 minute talk. It's also a half-day, full-day or weekend workshop. For more info about the full-day workshop ... click here.

Accidental Author
If Andrew Jobling; footballer, personal trainer, non-reader, non-academic, working 12-15 hours per day & 7 days a week in his 2 businesses can write a best-selling book .... anyone can!!. Andrew will inspire those with a desire but who may be lacking belief in themselves that they are already good enough. This is an entertaining and inspiring talk ... not just for budding authors, but anyone with a dream!

Dance Until it Rains 
 Learn the basic steps to creating the body, abundant energy and optimal health you have always wanted - forever. (Andrew's new book 'Dance Until it Rains' is HERE).

Once Upon a Time ... Andrew tells the exciting story of how the the human body was saved from the devastation of sickness and lethargy and inspired to an exciting life of health, energy, achievement and success (see intro video above).

One Word at a Time 
 Write your own book ... impact the lives of others, gain immediate credibility, create an additional income stream and enhance your own life - forever. Don't leave it on your list as one of the things you always wanted to do but never got around to. (Andrew also has a very successful online workshop to help people through the process - click here). 

Powerful Beyond Measure -
 Understand the concept of  'Personal Leadership' in your career, business and personal life. Take control of your own space and positively impact the life of others. You really are powerful beyond measure. 

Resilient By Nature 
 We are in times of GFC ... Global Financial Crisis! Through the power of focusing on what we want, with an attitude independent of circumstances we become resilient by nature.   

The GFC - an opportunity for growth - 
Do you view the GFC as crippling for your business or one of the greatest opportunities there is? Learn some simple strategies to take the global economic 'downturn' and turn it into a dramatic and profitable 'upswing' for your business. 

Live By Choice
 Create balance in your life and love what you do by understanding and acting on the fact that your destiny will be shaped by choice not by chance. 

Enjoying Life Outside The Comfort Zone 
 Did you know that everything you want in life lies outside of your comfort zone. Learn some simple strategies to get uncomfortable and enjoy it. 

Setting Goals That Will Stick
 of all the people that set goals, about 5% of them achieve their goals to create long term change. Learn what the 5% know.

Dance Until it Rains in Business
 Learn the one character trait that sets the winning organisations/apart from the rest. 

Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy
 Learn how to have your cake and eat it too! Create optimal health through nutrition whilst still enjoying your indulgences.

One Day at a Time
 Learn the incredible compounding effect of simple daily decisions to radically change your life and business. 

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