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"Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much"
- Helen Keller












The Million Club

Welcome to a very special club

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

If you are a part of this club, then you are one of the people who has chosen to join the wave and to help spread the word of better wellbeing around the world. For that Andrew thanks you.

If you have come across this page and have no idea what this is all about, then here is the blurb:

Andrew has launched (in May 2011) a crusade to positively impact the lives of over one million people around the world and inspire them to take one step along the path to better wellbeing.

With the help of Iris Blaze he has developed a fun game - the 'Dance Until It Rains Wellness Game'. The game is the fun bit, but it is attached to an online global registry on which he intends to get signatures from over one million people who have committed to their own wellbeing - but he needs your help!

On the registry there are ten simple wellness options to choose just one from. they are:

  1. BREAKFAST - Eat a natural breakfast within 30 minutes of getting out of bed everyday

  2. WATER – drink an additional 500ml or 1 pint of filtered or purified water daily.

  3. FRUIT AND/OR VEGETABLES - Eat at least one extra serve of fresh fruit and/or vegetables

  4. OMEGA 3 – Include one quality source of omega 3 essential fats every day. This may be from; cold water fish, a quality omega 3 supplement, oils – flaxseed and/or soybean oil, walnuts and/or leafy green vegetables.

  5. MOVING THE BODY – Buy a pedometer, measure daily steps and increase daily average by 1000 steps (about 10 minutes of walking)

  6. LIFTING THE BODY - Include some simple resistance exercises for 10-15 minutes twice per week.

  7. RELAX – Do at least one activity every week that clears the mind of day-to-day demands. Examples, meditation, yoga, pilates or some other passionate pursuit.

  8. GRATITUDE – Write and read a list of at least 5 things that you are grateful for everyday

  9. READ – Read for 15 minutes of a positive personal development book every day - recommended

  10. POSITIVE ASSOCIATION - Find a positive group of people and choose to associate with them at least once every week

Once you choose one of these simple options and commit to establishing a new healthy habit, simply sign the online regisrty to Join The Million Club as you will have become one of the one million on a mission to make this world a happier and healthier place.

The final step is the most important - that is to send the game and regsitry to everyone you care about.

Once we get this started no-one can stop us - the wave and the message will spread.

So all you have to do is play the game ...


Click here to Play and PledgeTHE BONUS CHALLENGE - if you choose to accept

The Game is time based with the aim being to reach the healthy age of 100 years old in the shortest possible time.

So far the fastest time is held by:


Sonia La Rocca (Melbourne, Australia) - 2:45

Well done Sonia - you are one in a million!

Other great efforts:

Prabhleen Kaur (Sydney, Australia) - 4:23

Please try to beat the BEST time and then let us know

Thanks you for being a part of this club - we are making a difference in the world.