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It is simple and easy to follow


It incorporates real food - not meal replacements


It Is an education as well as a food program


It is about working to create a metabolism that will burn fat

Fat Loss Program


Andrew understands that there is scepticism around any weight/fat loss program, because he himself was a huge sceptic. He also understands that there will be scepticism about anything he endorses if he stands to benefit!

So, whilst Andrew strongly endorses the Healthpointe 2.0 program, he asks that you don't believe him ... that you do your own research. Click here to see the Healthpointe 2.0 website (the password is; wellness)

The Healthpointe 2.0 program was developed out of the Lindora Weight Loss clinic over 35 years ago. Please research the Lindora Weight Loss Clinic for yourself.

The program has helped thousands of people change their circumstances and for many save their lives. Please research what other have said before you even consider taking this on. Have a look at Product Review Online to make up your own mind.

Andrew strongly endorses this program because:

  • It isn't about calorie restriction or starving the body for quick results
  • It's all about creating great habits and enjoying the process
  • It is about working to create a metabolism that will burn fat
  • It is based on sound medical principles
  • It is an education as well as a food program
  • It incorporates real food - not meal replacements
  • It includes organic nutritional food supplements to ensure optimal health and energy as well as fat loss
  • It is simple and easy to follow
  • It runs for 6 weeks - 4 weeks following a structured menu plan and 2 weeks for metabolic re-adjsutment
  • He has seen results that have been sustained (see below)
  • It works predictably ... if you follow it.


Real people, real success:







"I have been on the program for approx 7 to 8 weeks and I have lost 8 kilos. The difference this has made to me is enormous. I feel in control of my life again. I had tried unsuccessfullyfor about 12 months to lose weight and  had given up. My clothes no longer fitted me and I felt terrible about myself. Now my clothes are loose and soon I will have to shop for new smaller outfits. It's a great feeling! 
The first few weeks were hard. You had to mentally prepare yourself. But now it's just a way of living for me and I know that some weekends if I want to I can eat what I like, so long as I go straight back onto the program on the Monday (but not every weekend). Diet and exercise are the two important factors, one wont work without the other. the benefit of exercising for me is that I am fitter and as I am in my 50's is good to know that my body can cope with walking and exercising . 
The use it or lose it motto is very true..
A big thank you Andrew. I have my life back again."

"The longer I've been on the HealthPointe program the more I've noticed great results. I've had significant weightloss that I ve been easily able to maintain. My energy has increased, lasts all day and having access to a great regime, organic supplements and quality proten bars has made all the difference. I haven't had to stop living and I can easily get myself back on track because of the great habits I've developed. I feel like I'm getting younger everyday ... the support I've received and the self-development I've gained has changed my life."

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