Kye Harris, financial planner and business owner says; “My superpower is helping people change how they think and feel about money. By helping you connect to what you value in life and creating a clear path to get there, your stress will disappear, your world will open up and you’ll believe more is possible.”

He has been working in the Financial Services sector for 17 years. His love is in supporting and guiding people with their money so they feel they can pursue what they want in life, without the worry of money. With money having such an emotional charge around it, we’ve all obsessed over it, worried about it and consumed our lives with trying to earn or create more of it, Kye wants to show people what they are actually capable of, and how their money could work for them. He shows them there is no need to worry about their finances now or for the future they wanted to see for themselves.

This conversation is inspiring for many reasons. Kye is real, honest and passionate about helping to understand that their worth is not what they have in the bank or the possessions they own, but what is inside of them. When people know what they value most, Kye believes that creating  a plan for financial success becomes a much simpler and more effective process.  This is a fun, inspiring and powerful podcast you do not want to miss.

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