What I admire and envy about children most is that they have much less history to drag them down than we adults do. They believe they can do anything. They have visions of grandeur. They believe they will change the world, be famous, fly to the moon and live a life of adventure. There is no limit to the imagination of children, and they honestly believe their dreams will become reality. Do you remember what you dreamed of as a child? Do you remember knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that it would happen for you? Did you ever fly down a mountain on a bike, or Jump off a roof, believing you could fly? Did you ever hold that pretend microphone in your hands, singing like a superstar, and, absolutely believe it would happen? We all did, because at that time in our life, our destiny was far greater than our history.

Then what happened? We grew up. We made mistakes, had accidents and chose poorly. Some of those mistakes, accidents, and poor choices were painful. We started getting influenced, more and more, by the people around us; parents, family, friends, teachers, TV and society. We were told to; be careful, be realistic, not take risks, avoid talking to strangers and not dream too big. We attempted things that didn’t work out the way we wanted. I mean, when I jumped off the roof certain I would fly, the ground shattered that illusion. When I flew down that mountain on my bike, in the need for speed, I ended up face down in the dirt with a bike on my head. I have tried and failed tests. I have missed on team selection, time and time again. I have had my heart broken more times that I care to discuss. I have lost more money, invested in businesses or ‘opportunities’, than I want to share.

The older I get, the more and more my history grows, and, the more and more I rack up experiences of failure, mistakes and loss. With each failed experience, another space in my brain is taken up with its memory that will be in there forever. The problem with my brain, and yours, is that it has enough space to store every one of our lifelong experiences; good, bad and horribly ugly. We far too readily use those experiences for evil, because we perceive them the wrong way. We reflect on them with anger, resentment, bitterness, regret, guilt and embarrassment, and consequently we avoid putting ourselves in the same position. I mean, why would we want to go through the same misery, again?

With every day that goes by, our history grows and the time to create our destiny shrinks. If we incorrectly perceive that rapidly growing history, and the undesirable events that happen regularly, we can wear ourselves down, beat ourselves up and talk ourselves out of the dreams that we had, and believed we could achieve, when we were children. Are you relating to anything I am saying right now? Are you ready to make your destiny greater than your history? If so, keep reading.

Use your history as a platform for your destiny.

I am at a pretty cool place in my life right now. I really feel like I am in my zone, in a flow and fulfilling the destiny and purpose I was put on this planet to realise. My recent trip to the USA, the incredible people I met, opportunities that opened and vision I have created, have reinforced to me that I am right on track for what I was born to do. It’s a wonderful place to be, but I can tell you, in no uncertain terms, I am here today, doing what I am doing, because of my history, and the many seemingly undesirable things that have happened in my life.

I can say this because, rather than dwell on the failures, beat myself up and use them as evidence as to why I can’t live my true destiny, I have learned from them, let go of them and moved on. Can I recommend this to you? My many years of missed team selection in my football career could have left me with the belief that I am not good enough, instead it taught me the power of determination and persistence. All of the money I lost in failed businesses and investments could have crippled my entrepreneurial attempts, but instead it taught me and led me to find better ways of doing things. Many rejections from publishers could have smashed my dreams of being a published author, but instead it fuelled my passion and creativity to make it a reality. Losing my mother to cancer could have devastated me, but instead it committed me to learn the secrets of optimal wellbeing and take my message to the world.

I have had a long history, fifty-five years so far, but my destiny is way bigger. I mean way way way bigger. I am excited about, even a little intimidated by my destiny. I know that God has put me on this planet to make a massive difference. I know what that difference is and what I need to do. I am fired up beyond belief about what’s to come, and, I know every day that passes and adds to my history, will continue to fuel the fire for my destiny in this life. But, enough about me. I want to talk about you.

I know you have a history. I know you have made mistakes, chosen poorly and failed at things in your life to this point. I know there are people in your life who have told you things that have not helped you in life. I know that you possibly feel embarrassed, guilty, resentful, regretful, angry and/or bitter about things that have happened in your history, right? Well, if you are ready, then right now is the time to stop looking back and living in your history with regret, and, look ahead to the amazing destiny you have come into this world to fulfil. I believe that those things, in your history, have happened for you, not to you. Therefore, everything that has happened is to be used to learn from, grow from and be a platform for you to live your amazing destiny.

The health challenges you have been or are going through are there to be conquered so you can use them to help other people overcome their own illnesses. The money you have lost has happened for you to learn how to be smarter with your money and go on to create financial independence. The broken hearts you have experiences are all required for you to become the person you need to be to find that one soulmate and love of your life.

You can’t avoid your history. It’s there and it will continue to grow with every day that passes. You can either use it as a growing file of wonderful experiences to learn and grow from to help you live the destiny you are born for, or it can be your excuse to live a life far less than what is meant for you. What would you rather? As easy as it may be to use it as your excuse, it will be the greatest regret of your life if you do. Make today the day you choose to love and learn from your history. Use it as wonderful experiences to go forward, from today, and make your destiny greater than your history.