Michelle is a powerful catalyst for change, after undergoing her own personal transformation so she could live a fulfilling life, she founded empowHER WA Incorporated, to inspire women, men and children to break the cycle of abuse. Michelle is dedicated to using her lived experience to promote the healing, growth and empowerment of women, men and children alike and to bring happiness into the lives of many.

​After experiencing abuse of varying forms, Michelle found herself completely broken, struggling to cope and in a deep and dark hole. She had hidden her authentic self for her whole life, and she was paying the price. In 2010, she turned to Dru Yoga and Meditation as a means of easing her stress and anxiety going on to complete a Diploma in Dru Yoga, enabling her to share the skills and lessons she had learned amongst others.  She has discovered herself, loves herself and now helps others do the same.

​In 2019 she released her book “Freedom of A Warrior Princess” a story of her journey to self-love, in the hope her own vulnerability could impact the lives of others who had suffered through similar circumstances and/or relationships. Through her personal development work, management and facilitation of programs and workshops, Michelle has become a highly sought-after Personal Coach, Mentor and Key Note Speaker.

​On stage, Michelle inspires audiences with her story of transformation from fear to freedom, delivering her message from her heart and a place of lived experience allows her to assimilate with the audience, encouraging them to look within and strive towards becoming the most authentic version of themselves.

​Michelle holds Diplomas in Counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Dru Yoga, Meditation, and a Degree in Business Administration.

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