From a young age and with the DNA to achieve, Nick Bracks pushed his body and mind to the limit. At the age of 11, he was training 5 or 6 hour per day, in secret, as he aspired to be the best of the best in the sporting world. This constant need to compare, compete, drive and push himself led him to anxiety, depression and ultimately alcohol related issues. He knew that if something didn’t change, his life would be cut short. So, with the support of his parents  and trained professionals, Nick began to work through his issues.

He says; “Really, my whole 20s were about trying things, failing, learning and searching for what I wanted to do with the rest of my life… that came with a lot of turmoil, but if I hadn’t gone and tried so many things and made mistakes I wouldn’t have found the things I am passionate about, I wouldn’t have found the path I am on now.”

Nick has now found his purpose and spends his time advocating for mind wellness. Nick’s passion for changing mindsets, and finding the good in every situation, has led him to conversations with CEOs, school kids – anyone willing to listen – advocating for the cause closest to his heart: mental health awareness. His podcast, Move Your mind, is having a powerful impact and he is an in-demand speaker all around the world. You will be totally inspired by this conversation, so enjoy…

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