The human body is an amazing thing. It is pretty hard to comprehend everything it does do, can do, and will do, to not just keep you alive, but help you thrive in your life. There is one awesome feature of our body, which is pretty obvious, yet we seem to keep forgetting. That is the water-proof feature that comes standard with each human being created.

I am going to be very specific about this water-proof feature in this blog, but also use it as a metaphor for all of the amazing ‘proofing’ that comes standard with each and every human body. As I am writing this blog, I am flying somewhere over the Indian Ocean en route from Bali to Melbourne. I had a wonderful week in this glorious destination, best known for its consistently warm and wonderful weather. One aspect of the Bali weather is the occasional but impressive rain. When it rains, it really rains. It is heavy, and the drops are big enough to go ten pin bowling with! Okay, a slight exaggeration, but they are big.

We were out for a walk and a bite of lunch the other day, and the rain started. We panicked, we ran for cover, we overspent on a piece of plastic masquerading as a raincoat, and then, dodging the cannonball-size raindrops, we headed home. To be honest, the raincoats were pretty ineffective, as expected, and so we were saturated when we got home. But guess what? A quick wipe down with a towel and we were dry again. How is that possible? We are all water-proof, that’s how.

As a personal trainer, the greatest excuse I got as to why my clients didn’t go for the runs or walks they promised they would do, was because of the weather. They would explain it was raining and so couldn’t do it. Even when I explained they were water-proof, they still found ways to use the same excuse time after time after time. So, I am going to say it all over again. The body is an amazing thing, and it is water-proof, so any water that falls on it can be very simply wiped off. The bottom-line: stop using it as an excuse. If you are, that is. However, it really isn’t about the rain, or getting wet, is it? So, what is it about? Hold that question.

Did you know your amazing body is also rejection-proof? Just as water can be wiped off, so can rejection, because in most cases, rejection isn’t even about you, it’s about the person doing the so-called rejecting. I realised, as I was submitting many of my books to publishers, they weren’t rejecting me or my book, they were rejecting the opportunity to publish a best-selling author. Their loss. But it’s not really about rejection at all, is it? So, what is it about? Hold that question.

Your incredible body is also discomfort-proof. Just as water can be dried and rejection is about perspective, discomfort is a necessary part of the human experience. It is actually what your body was made for, and needs, if you are to change, grow, and improve. Any and all discomfort you experience is strengthening your resolve, resilience, tolerance, and capacity, So, why do we resist it so much? Why do we so regularly shy away from anything we perceive as too hard? It really isn’t about discomfort at all. So, what is it about? Hold that thought.

Your remarkable body is opinion-proof. Just as water rolls off and can be dried, so too can the opinions of others, if they are critical or negative, be allowed to just roll off or be wiped away. We have all experienced the annoying opinions of other people. How is it that some people are affected, and others are not? It is the same answer to the questions I have been posing about getting wet, getting rejected and getting uncomfortable. It is not about any of them. So, for the last boring time, what is it about? Finally, I will tell you.

It is simply all about what you truly and passionately want for yourself, your life, and the people you care about, and, how important it is for you. When you have a strong desire to improve your health and wellbeing, do you really think the rain will stop you? Of course not. When you are determined and committed to get published, make the sale, get your message across, or get the answer you want, will a little rejection stop you. No way, in fact, it will spur you on. When you have a desired outcome that is not negotiable for you, do you think a little discomfort will get in your way? Never, in fact you will embrace it. When you are single-minded about living your life in a certain way, will other people’s opinions have any impact on you at all, other than to motivate you to keep going? Not a chance.

In my podcast this week called Positive vibes with Zane Landin, I was so inspired by this incredible person who has not let being Hispanic, Queer, Disabled, and Plus-sized, and all the challenges that come with them, stop him from putting positive vibes out to the world. Just like Zane, you are in control of your life. It is, in no way, determined by the weather, rejection, discomfort, or opinions, unless you allow it to be. Focus on what you really want, get moving, and embrace the fabulous fact that you are water-proof.