On Day 4 of the ‘I Am Author Retreat’ in Bali, I set up my laptop, started a zoom video, hit record and then hijacked people as they walked past to talk with me. These people had experienced so much in just a few short days, and the passion in thier voices, the wisdom that they share, and the breakthroughs they were seeing was inspiring.

This is a raw conversation with there wonderful people, and I know it will inspire you, as it did me. Thanks to:

  • Justin Whitcher
  • Sally-Ann Gent
  • Fiona Telford
  • Vanina Gacioppo
  • Eva Sifis
  • Stephen Twartz
  • Justine Martin
  • Adam Wallace
  • Annie Pateman

All of these wonderful people can be contacted on Social Media, and if you would like to talk to me about becoming a bestselling and influential author, please connect with me.