It is my mission to help people believe more in themselves. It is my passion to encourage people to do more, be more and have more in their lives. It is my vision to inspire people live the very best life they can live for as long as possible. It is my purpose to empower people to take more action, make more mistakes, yet create more success. That being case, it is my hope, after reading this blog and when the next opportunity arises to do something you are not sure you can do, you will respond with, ‘why not?

I was recently listening to a podcast with the title ‘Why Not?’ The speaker, a very successful businessman, was talking about two very different experiences he had whilst travelling internationally. The first was when he arrived in Germany for a stopover on his way to Greece. He got off the plan after a long flight, wanting a coffee before he got on his next flight. Keep in mind, he was flying first class, and as he went to the airlines private lounge for a quick coffee, he was stopped at the desk by a gruff airline employee. She looked at his ticket, and said, “You can’t come in on this ticket.” I can’t remember the reason why, but this gentleman tried to reason with her and ask her if it would be okay, since he was flying first class with their airline, to just go in for 5 mins and get a quick coffee. She looked at him with a stern expression on her face and said, “No!”

She was just doing her job, but it did seem a little inflexible and unreasonable to the traveller. Anyway, he finally got a coffee in the busy food hall and then got on his next flight to Greece. When he finally arrived at his boutique hotel, right on the Aegean Sea, he had his second and very different experience. He was starving, tired and just wanted something to eat. It was, however 3pm, a time when everything in Europe shuts down, so he wasn’t optimistic about his chances. He decided to take a chance and ask the concierge if there was a chance to eat. He was told by a very friendly man that the kitchen was closed, but he would ask the manager. The manager came over, and again, the weary traveller asked, if it would be possible to get something to eat. The manager, looking very thoughtful for a moment, replied, “Why not?”

The manager arranged for food and the traveller ate a delicious meal. He then thought he would test this manager again and he asked if there were any chance of getting a massage. The manager smiled and, even though the masseur had gone home, said, “Why not?” After a beautiful massage, shower and rest it was evening time. The traveller was sitting looking out over the water and enjoying a pre-dinner drink, when he noticed something unusual on the beach below. There was a lone table set up, with candles and dining, for two people, and a piano on the beach right next to it. He called for the manager and asked him what was going on. The manager explained that a couple were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and asked if there was something special the hotel could do for them. The manager had said, “Why not?” Then proceeded to carry chairs, tables, crockery, cutlery, glassware and even a grand piano down to the beach to make the couple’s experience a beautiful and memorable one.

That’s the power of ‘why not?’ You see, when you open your mind to possibilities, anything can be found, solved, created or achieved. I truly believe this. When I aspired to be a professional footballer, logic would have suggested that I was too young, too skinny and not talented enough. Whilst I don’t know if I actually believed I could make it happen, I didn’t know that I couldn’t and with a ‘why not?’ attitude, I got into action and made it happen. When I decided to write my first book, all the odds were against me and, again, it was hard to believe I could do it, but I couldn’t come up with strong evidence to prove that I couldn’t. Let me tell you, ‘why not?’ in that situation totally transformed my life, as I am now about to get my eighth book published. I am living my purpose today as a result of that ‘why not?’ almost 20 years ago.

Seriously, why can’t you write your book, regain your health, look amazing, forgive yourself, love yourself, create wealth, have beautiful relationships, make a difference and live the very best life you can possibly live? You can! The only reason you won’t is because of what you tell yourself. In my podacst this week with John Di Natale, called ‘Find your voice,’ we discuss the power of the words you use in helping you live your best life. So, from today and as you move forward in the one and only life you have, it is my greatest desire to empower and inspire you, as opportunities come your way, to ask, ‘why not?’ and then go on and make them happen. Trust me, you are good enough and you are on this planet to leave your mark. So, go forth and ‘why not?’ all over the place!