The biggest lie in the world is one that, at some stage, has been told to you, and one you are possibly even telling yourself. That lie is, you are not good enough. I know me just telling you that you are good enough, may not be enough for you to start to believe it. I do, however, want to help you make the shift, if necessary, to start believing deep in your heart, that you are. The ‘good enough’ belief seems to be erroneously connected to talent, intellect, luck or circumstances, when really, they have little to do with it. The key is simple, start doing things!

How many times have you beaten yourself up for not hitting a goal, or being where you want to be in certain areas of your life? That is almost a daily activity for me! Well, not as much anymore, but it certainly has been for much of my life. As you are berating, what do you say to yourself? What is wrong with me? I cannot do it! I am not good enough! I don’t know enough! I am a loser! Or something similar, right?

Well, let me help you here. I would have to say, even not knowing your circumstances or the reason why you are not where you want to be, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with what you do, or don’t do. The reality is, for most people, they just don’t do enough for long enough. When they don’t achieve the goal they want, they mistakenly believe it has something to do with their abilities, when it has almost nothing to do with it. Here is what I want you to read, absorb and embed in your thinking, when you do things, things happen! Talent, intellect, luck or circumstances have nothing to do with it.

Think about something you are frustrated with at the moment, and be honest with yourself. Are you really doing enough? Are you consistent with your actions? Are you doing what you need to be doing, whether you feel like it or not? If you have an uneasy feeling in your gut as you reflect on these three questions, it’s an indication and evidence that your lack of achievement is not about your ability or potential, but about your inactivity. It may not seem like it, but that is great news. Why? Because you don’t need talent, intellect, education, ideal circumstances or luck to take action.

When you take simple action, on a consistent basis, things will happen. You can take that one to the bank. On the other hand, you can have all the ability in the world, learn as much as you like and wait for exactly the right time, but without action, nothing will happen. I have told the story many times, but will tell it again right now. When I decided to write my first book, I had nothing that would indicate it was a smart idea. I didn’t have skill, experience, qualifications, understanding of the process, time or great circumstances. So, the question must be asked, how did I become a best-selling author? The answer is consistent action.

The day I thought about the idea, I got started, and I did a little every day, and guess what happened? A book appeared. It didn’t appear because I was a great writer. It didn’t happen because I had loads of time. I didn’t become a reality because I had any idea of the process. It happened for one reason, and one reason only. I got started, a wrote a few words every single day, and I kept going until it was done. When you do things, things happen!

So, now back to you. Have a think about what you are working towards right now, and be real with yourself and ask, could I be doing more on a consistent basis? If it is a wellness goal, what should you be doing each day that you may not be doing? If it is a financial goal, what could you be doing each day to make things happen there? What could you day each day to strengthen your relationship, build your business, develop a skill or get a desired result? You know this stuff, don’t you? It may just require the courage to get started, even if you are unsure of the entire process. In my podcast this week, with Dr Aneta Kotevski, called Lean into the fear of change, we discuss the incredible benefits that come as a result of having the courage to begin a course of action that will lead to positive change.

My goal this week is to help you understand, once and for all, that your results in life are not dependent on your talents and ability. I want you to know deep in your being that you are already good enough, just the way you are. Finally, I hope to encourage you to believe in your heart that action, taken on a consistent basis, will always predictably lead you to the success you want. Trust me on this, when you do things, things happen.