As I write this blog, the world has gone crazy. People are doing illogical and irrational things, all based on an energy and attitude of fear that is gripping and rippling around the world. I am going to ruffle some feathers this week, I know it, and I don’t care. I never watch the news, listen to radio or read newspapers, but all I hear about is Corona virus. It is affecting businesses, it’s impacting schools, it’s changing people behaviour and there is no toilet paper left on the supermarket shelves! I have just one thing to say, if it relates to you… stop buying into the fear-mongering and return some of the toilet paper so that other people can wipe their backsides!

Last week I wrote a blog was called, Nothing is bad, it’s all content. I feel the same way about this virus, I just wish more people felt the same way. Just so you know, this is not a blog about the Corona Virus, it’s about what we focus on, where we expend our valuable mental energy, and, the impact that will have on many other lives. Have you ever seen such a vast and rapid wave of fear and irrational behaviour envelop the world? In all my years, I have not, and, I’ve seen a lot. People think the virus is affecting and infecting the world, let me tell you loud and clear – whether you agree or disagree, like me for it or not – the virus isn’t affecting and infecting the world, negativity and fear is.

Honestly, is it rational that people are buying all the toilet paper, knowing that many people who also need it will miss out? Is it logical and really worth cancelling events and group gatherings when some simple preventative wellbeing and hygiene steps can be taken? Is it really important news that a celebrity has the virus, when millions of people every day suffer from colds and flu and it never raises a glance? Come on people, get your focus on what’s really important in your life. If you watch the news, read newspapers and listen to the drama, you will stop living a life of joy, and buy into a life of fear. Is that what you really want?

Even just this morning I had a texting conversation with an amazing lady who is about to launch her new book. She was thinking of cancelling her book launch because of the fear that had infiltrated her mind and body. I sent her this message; ‘It’s fine, all just media hype and fear. Don’t buy into it and put your life on hold. People get colds, flu and viruses every day, but we don’t stop living because of it. Stop listening to it and your life will be better.’ She got the message, started refocussing on her book launch and she is feeling better.

Energy is a force that comes from our focus. It is a powerful force that is infectious, for the good and the very bad, as we are currently seeing evidence of. We are in control of the energy we emit to the world and the results that will impact our lives and the lives of others as a consequence. You are in total control of what you focus on, so get your shit together, give any excess toilet paper to someone who has run out and get back and focused on the right stuff.

This is coming out harsh, I know it. I really do understand it’s hard when everywhere you turn, and with everyone you talk to, the fear is apparent. However, can I encourage you to take control of the things you can control, and, block out the toxic rubbish. Focus on being healthy, eating well, taking your vitamins, washing your hands, staying hygienic and doing what you can do. Once you have done all that, stop watching and listening to other people’s rubbish. Then, focus on your best life, focus on the things you love, focus on being a positive influence in this world and watch your positive energy and attitude ripple out and have an amazingly powerful impact on the world