It is my mission, whilst I am here on this planet, to live my best life. The question must be asked, what does that mean? Well, clearly my idea of my best life, and your idea of your best life may be two very different pictures. It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you know what that life looks like, and more importantly why it is meaningful. For most of my life I have been focussing on what I thought it was about, but I was wrong. The chances are, what you believe it is about, is not actually what it’s about. Confused?

My goal is not to confuse you, in fact, it is the very opposite. I think we all experience confusion before we find clarity. I think we all have to focus on the wrong things before we can identify the right things. I believe experience is our greatest teacher if we look for lessons in the confusion. As I often do, I am writing this blog for me, and if you benefit from it, then I am a happy man. In fact, the things I often think I am doing for myself are not really for me at all. Because what I initially think it’s about, is not what it’s about at all.

I feel like I am confusing you even further, and for that I apologise. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever set out to achieve something and either not stuck it out to full completion, or actually achieved it, and then went backwards? I know I have. In my journey as a personal trainer, I have worked with many people with a goal to lose weight, who either sabotaged their attempts, or achieved their ideal weight and then put the weight back on, with interest. I have in my life, worked hard to build a financial nest egg to then make some really poor financial choices and end up back at square one, or in debt. Do you know what I am talking about? Have you ever experienced that yourself? If so, why is that? Simple, what you and I thought it was about, is not what it was about.

As I was talking to an amazing group of people this week at an event hosted by Mercy Connect in Thurgoona, NSW, my aim was, and is, to help them live a life of joy. We discussed different things we all wanted to achieve. For some, it was weight loss, or was it? For others, it was financial, or was it? For others, it was writing a book, or was it? In my mind, it is NOT about the weight loss, the money, or the book. So, what is it about? That is up to you to work out, and until you do, you will never create permanent positive change in your life.

Do you really want to lose weight? The process is uncomfortable, inconvenient, and at times downright discouraging. Why do so many never follow through to get permanent results? Because they are focused on the wrong thing, the scales. The moment they start to focus on why they want to lose weight, everything changes. They talk about self-worth, confidence, their children, their ability to do more of the things they love, and the impact they can have on others. It was never about weight loss. Do you really want to make more money? Again, it can be a discouraging and painful process. What do you want the money for? Is it to buy back time so you can spend more quality time with family? Is it to help others? Is it to be able to travel or experience wonderful things? Again, it is never about the money.

I never wanted to write a book to be an author. I wanted to save my life. I wanted to impact lives and create a legacy. I wanted to retire from Personal Training and spend my life doing something meaningful every single day. I wanted to diversify my income and get out of debt. It was never about the book, but what the book could help me create. I hope I am starting to make sense. The question I want to encourage you to ask yourself the next time you set a goal to achieve something is this; what is it really about, and why is it important to me? Ask that question, answer it from deep in your heart, and watch what happens in your life.

In my podcast this week with Martin Henry, called Keep moving forward, we discuss the challenges he has had to overcome, including; getting out of massive debt, and dealing with a disease that has and is still affecting his whole family. How has he done it? By simply understanding that what he thought it was about was not what it was about. For Martin and his family, it is about living with joy.

Anything is possible for you. You are good enough. You can do it. All that may be holding you back is simply that you are focussing on the wrong thing. Trust me, when you really know what it is about, everything will change for you.