Adam Wallace is funny dude. He has created and incredible life for himself as a successful and prolific New York Times best-selling author of many many children’s books. By his own admission, it has been a journey and one that any person can take, if they learn to love the process. His mission as he describes it on his website is:

“My mission is to entertain and inspire millions of children around the world. And to eat hot chips. But mostly the inspire children thing”.

Ossie Khan has been working in the skydiving and BASE jumping industry in Australia and throughout the world for over 26 years and has done almost 10,000 jumps! With his vast skydiving experience and a background in risk assessment, safety & compliance, Ossie can bring to life even the most extreme creative ideas with the assurance that it is achieved within a safe and compliant environment. Ossie says:

“Success is learning from your experiences in a way that enables positive change”

The three of us get together regularly and have a great time talking, laughing and solving the problems of the world, so we thought why not share our banter, I mean wisdom, with the world! So, together we have come up with an idea for a new podcast called Wally, Ossie & Jobbas. In this podcast we discuss our idea, and get into some meaty topics that will help every person get out of their own way and live their best life. 

If you’re looking for a way to make lasting changes in your life – changes that are always going to be for the better – then this is podcast to listen to. Enjoy this high energy and fabulous conversation.

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