Linn Rivers teaches people a different way of living and being in this world.  She is a functional health and wellness expert and educator. She teaches people all over the world how to take their health into their own hands; mind, body and spirit. She has over 15 years of education in the holistic health field and assists people in overcoming chronic health conditions and mental disorders. 

While her educational background is diverse, it’s her own journey that really sets her apart. She is able to connect with people on a wide range of traumatic events that she had to overcome by herself, such as: death of all family members and partner, abandonment, neglect, sexuality, growing up with an alcoholic, depression, relationship trauma, homelessness, career challenges, lack of direction, feelings of hopelessness, gender identity, anger and fear, addiction, illness, and near death experiences. 

Her educational background includes; Holistic/Functional Medicine, Microbiome Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Eastern and Western Massage Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Yoga Therapy, Life Coaching, Death Doula, Hypnosis, and Human Design Analysis. When she is not working, you can find her laying low with her amazing and loving pit bulls, down in the bay on her paddleboard, out on her boat, or in the mountains rock climbing.

This is a wonderful conversations with many insights into wellbeing, mindset, spirituality, the power of taking responsibility and potential for every single person to live a life with vibrant wellbeing.

More information about Linn can be found  at her website.

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