What are you doing? Why are you reading? Stop now! If you keep reading, I can’t be held responsible for what happens in your life. I would, however, take some credit if you do keep reading, are willing to accept responsibility and actually take some uncomfortable action. Is that what you want? I just want to make sure before you venture out into open waters, you know what you’re in for.

When trying to learn, improve and become our best, it is recommended by successful people that we read books, listen to audios, attend seminars and get a mentor to guide us. All of these mediums can offer amazing wisdom, powerful strategies and life-changing perspective, if we take notice. If you are anything like I was, you don’t like being uncomfortable. If you are anything like I was, you gloss over the things you need to do that seem too hard, and, focus on the things that are easier. If you are anything like I was, you’re after feedback you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear. If you are anything like I was, you are after pleasing methods, not pleasing results. If you are anything like I was, you are kidding yourself and still stuck in a life you don’t want.

If you are still reading this and already, at this early stage, getting defensive and starting to justify why you are doing what you are doing, then… stop reading. You are not ready for this blog. It will just cause stress, anger and resentment towards me, and, I don’t want that!! I used to get really defensive when I was challenged, and, I would justify all my questionable actions to anyone who prodded me. Whilst my mentor didn’t tell me at the time, what he has since told me, is that, at that time of my life, I was not ready to listen, or, to change. These days, I am grateful to hear feedback that will improve me, even if it challenges me. So, at any time during this blog, if you start feeling angry, defensive or making justifications, please stop reading until you are ready to hear what you need to hear. Okay?

The truth is that you, and I, are 100% responsible for the outcomes we are experiencing in our lives. YES, I said 100%! There may be some pretty cool excuses that you could come up with that may sound plausible, believable and even justified, but trust me, they will not help you move forward in your life. By making excuses and justifications, you are handing your life over to someone or something else to provide your success and happiness. How do you think that will turn out?

Do you really want to keep reading?

The only, and most important, first step is to take ownership of your own life. You need to own your flawed thinking, your poor choices and your undesirable outcomes. If you don’t, they will keep appearing and re-appearing in your life, and, getting worse and worse each time. How do I know this? For much of my life I’ve had a poor relationship with money. If I tell you some of the decisions I have made and things I have thrown money away on you will feel better about yourself, and I will lay on the floor in fetal position! My biggest issue was not that I made poor choices, it was that I refused to take responsibility for those choices, and, learn the lessons.

I had money, and without wise counsel, instead listening to my own flawed thinking, I literally flushed it down the toilet. I am going to share with you here and be very transparent, because I want you to identify this behaviour in yourself, and then, do something about it before it’s too late. As I tell you these sad money stories, you may need a box of tissues with you. You will need to wipe away the tears of sorrow for me or tears of joy because you are laughing at me! Either way!

Many years ago, I inherited some money when my Grandmother passed away. So, what would you do with a large sum of money if you wanted to invest it wisely? Would you buy a part share in a racehorse? I hope not, unless you know something about racehorses. Well, I learned that anything that eats while you sleep is bad for your bank account. I blamed the horse, and, that money disappeared. Then I got hit with the ‘shiny object syndrome’, when, without professional advice, I invested money in a company called Sausage Software, about three days before it went into liquidation! The share price dropped from about three dollars to ten cents overnight. I blamed the market, and, that money evaporated.

Then, not having listened to wise counsel or learned my lesson, and, with no experience in hospitality, I bought a café. Two years later, after working like a crazy maniac, I found myself in $100,000 debt. I blamed the hospitality industry, and, the money was gone! You would think by now I would have learned, but no. I decided to make another large investment, to speed up my debt recovery program, only to go further into debt. It was then, when I was drowning in the financial toilet, and had been there for too long, I finally, for the first time, blamed the right person… me! That’s when everything started improving in my life. It was a horrible period of self-reflection, mind-detoxing and uncomfortable change to get me to a very different place in my life.

My telling you this story of woe has taken pressure off you for a while, hasn’t it? Well, now I’m about to put it back on you. So, if you want to stop reading, now would be the time to do it. You are probably experiencing or have experienced adversity similar to me. Right? You may still be doing it now, as you read this. Please don’t make the same continual mistakes I made. Please stop blaming everyone and everything else, and, take responsibility for your own choices, your own learning and your own outcomes. It’s a big beautiful world out there, but you have to; face your faults, own up to your responsibilities and make the uncomfortable changes necessary if you are going to enjoy it.

Amazing successful abundance is not just for the lucky few. It’s for the people who are willing to face the truth head on and make the changes they need to make. That, my friend, is available to every person. Yes, even you. If you have read this blog to this point, I am impressed. But not nearly as impressed as I will be as you make the uncomfortable changes you need to make to live the life you are destined to live. You are now in the last sentence and despite my efforts to stop you, you have kept reading, so, deal with the truth, take responsibility, do what you need to do and love your life.