Not long after Matthew Caruana had attempted suicide, severed his spinal cord, was categorised as a para-plegic, and found himself in a wheelchair, something happened within him.  It was at that moment, he realised that what he thought was the worst thing to ever happen in his life was now the one thing he was most grateful for. If it wasn’t for everything in his past that led to his attempted suicide, he wouldn’t have been in the position he was, where he is now able to inspire individuals of all ages to see and sense their true worth and potential. 

He started to believe he could help people and so began sharing his story. As he did, all thoughts and feelings of Depression, Anxiety and Suicide magically disappeared. The questions about self-worth and self-image were soon replaced with a sense of purpose and a reason to live. He had found his calling and realised he could help others to find theirs. He went on to become an inspiring speaker and advocate to help people find purpose in their lives.

Since my conversation with him in 2021, episode 77, Healing through feeling, even more amazing things have happened in his life. In addition to the impact he is having on lives, he has rediscovered his love for basketball and is achieving amazing things, and he is now in the process of doing something that was considered medically and physically impossible. He is a man on a mission with incredible wisdom for a 23-year-old. He is full to the brim with what is really all that matters, trust and belief. His message is powerful, and it is one one every person needs to hear. 

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