Does that sound like a total contradiction to you? Me too. Especially, as I spend so much time talking about ‘focus’ this and ‘focus’ that, to then come out and declare that true success in life doesn’t require focus, sounds like I’m confused, delusional, or a little whacky! Well, do you know what? I am a little whacky! It actually just came out of my mouth whilst I was being interviewed. As I was formulating the words, I couldn’t stop them from just coming out and I really didn’t even know how I was going to justify what I had said.

But then, like magic, the words came out, made sense, enlightened me and now, I’m writing a blog about it. Yes, it’s true, I enlightened myself! I was talking to a guy in the USA who was interviewing me for a profile on the new wellness platform he is developing. He had asked me quite a few questions about me, what I was doing and what I believed about optimal wellbeing, or as I talk about now, living a life of joyful longevity. The final question he asked me was, ‘Do you think people should focus every day on their health and wellbeing?’ Without any conscious thought, and before I knew what I had done, I said, ‘No!’

The word came out of my mouth and then I had to justify it, because there was quite a large pregnant pause, as I know it was not the answer he was expecting. I went on to say, from somewhere in the recesses of my being, ‘Health and wellbeing should not be something we focus on, it should naturally be who we are, how we live and what we do, just like brushing our teeth.’

The mistake most people make is believing that being healthy and well takes a large commitment of time, energy and resources. That sounds way too hard. Therefore, people are sure it must be something requiring serious focus. Sure, creating the right habits will take some short-term focus, but once habitual, they are just what we do. I don’t believe eating breakfast should be a focus, I believe it should be just what we do. I don’t believe daily movement should be a focus, I believe it should be just what we do. I don’t believe being nice to people should be a focus, I believe it should be just what we do. I don’t believe making the necessary daily calls should be a focus, I believe it should be just what we do. Are you getting my point?

Success in life will not come from what you have to deliberately focus on every day. That will quickly become challenging, uncomfortable, tiresome and un-fun! Success will come from the things you work to move out of your conscious focus and into unconscious habit patterns, just like brushing your teeth. When walking up the stairs, eating breakfast and drinking water becomes what you do, you will be healthier. When making calls, saving money and daily meetings become what you do, you will be wealthier. When treating your partner how he or she deserves becomes what you do, you will have a better relationship. Success and happiness are not about what you focus on, but who you are and what you do… naturally!