Being medically discharged from the Army in 2017 after 31 years’ service was the lowest point of John Giampino’s life. After a traumatic experience, and suffering from being treated very poorly by the very people who should have supported him, he spiralled. John had spent most of his life alongside like-minded soldiers only to find himself on the other side of the fence was the day he lost his self-worth. It was a daily struggle just to keep himself in a happy place. In fact, it led him to an unsuccessful attempt to take his own life.

One day he decided to get on with his life and find something that would give him the same form of joy the Army did. He has always loved to fix things, so he sat for his carpenters ticket and started working for himself but his company just didn’t function the way I wanted it too. He  founded I Can Fix That (, however it wasn’t until he did the program with IGY6 that he was able to make it a professional business that employs other Veterans.

Via PTSD, he developed anxiety and depression and explored assistance with the NDIS. He was referred to a Life Coach who changed his life more than he could imagine it was possible. He is very grateful about what happened to him and is proof that the IGY6 program based on Neuroscience, works. He is a different person, lost 37 kilos and changed his mindset. John is very proud to have become the Ambassador for IGY6 and helping people is what he loves doing. IGY6 has already helped many other people on the NDIS as well as Veterans and he hopes that they can help many more.

Through his own treatment in the army, he is committed to treating people right and helping them in any way he can. John is making a powerful difference in the life of Veterans and Civilians alike. Enjoy this powerful conversation.

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