Fernando Parnes is the co-founder and CEO of BestBeing, and incredible global online wellness platform. His tech and business achievements are impressive, but his personal overcoming, that motivated him to make BestBeing a global success,  will captivate and inspire you.

By his own admission, he was morbidly obese, weighing in at 450lbs (205kg). His openess and vulnearbility about his journey to obesity will move you, but his decision and subsequent commitment to his health and wellbeing, leading him to finding himself 230lb (105kg) lighter, will empower and inspire you.

Fernando is of the belief that the only way you can create a tranformation in your wellbeing, is to first believe you are a healthy person, even before it’s a reality. enjoy my conversation with Fernando Parnes.

I want to thank Fernado and the team at BestBeing for sponsoring this podcast. they can be found at www.bestbeing.com and Fernando can be contacted at fparnes@bestbeing.com.