I think it’s fair to say that the quality of our relationships will determine the quality of our lives. Natalie E. West knows exactly what is takes to enjoy wonderfully fulfilling relationships. Natalie has qualifications in Clinical Behavioral Science,  Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Com Programming, Clinical Hypnosis, public speaking, group meditation facilitation, physical & psychological conditioning and performance coaching. She also holds experience in the areas of Orthomolecular Nutrition, mindset coaching & holistic health. So, she knows whart she is talking about.

Natalie has worked with hundreds of people; singles looking to find love, couples trying to mend or improve their relationships and those healing after the breakdown of a long-term relationship. She is clear and strong on one point, which we discuss in great depth in this podcast, and that is that you and I will never find a fulfilling, loving and satisfying relationship until we build the most important relationship of all… the one with ourself.

Natalie is engaging, honest and inspiring and this conversation is one every person needs to listen to if they want the amazing pleasure that comes with beautiful relationships. Trust me, this is a podcast you do not want to miss.

Natalie can be contacted through her website –click here

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