Dr Robb Kelly declares that, ‘it’s not humanly possible for me to go from the desperate place of alcoholism and living in the streets to the incredible  life I am living today.’  Well, humanly possible or not, Robb has totally transformed his life and gone from the lowest of lows to the most incredible of highs in his life. Want to know how?

Robb has an impressive resume. From a young age he was a successful entertainer in the competitive U.K. musical industry, he spent time in the police force, he has two PhD’s, one in Psychology from Oxford University and he now runs an incredibly successful global addiction recovery group which boasts a 97% success rate. He did have an extraordinary journey on his way to reach the lofty success and significance he now enjoys.

Robb was born into a family with generations of alcoholism. In fact it was his uncle who offered him his first alcohol drink at the age of nine, as a way to calm his nerves before a performance. From that moment alcohol addiction grew and took him down the path which led him to lose everything and to be living on the streets. How he came back from that to be living the life he enjoys today will astound you. Trust me, this is a podcast you do not want to miss.

Robb can be found through his website is www.robbkelly.com

He has generously offered to talk to anyone who needs him, and his direct cell number is +1 214 600 0210

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