Lindsay Johnson is the founder and CEO of Fitpros, an incredibly successful corporate wellness dellvery service that has had to do a 180 degree turn-around to negotiate and succeed in the current climate, as a result of COVID-19. What she and her team have done to turn it around will inspire you.

Lindsay has not had it easy, by any stretch of the imagination. Overcoming an addiction to alcohol in her twenties was followed by the tragic death of her 28 year old brother in a car accident. These challenges led her through a powerful grieving and healing process to help her reach a level of health, happiness and success that most strive for.

Lindsay speaks with a rawness and vulnerability that is inspiring. It’s this honesty that she credits for her ability to overcome so much adversity in her life, and help keep her optimistic. It’s helping her  and her husband as they current face another challenge in their attempt to become parents. Enjoy my captivating conversation with Lindsay Johnson.

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