I am blessed to have known Perry Venakis for almost 25 years, so far. When we met, he was just starting his personal training journey after a very interesting background as a mechanic, a farmer and then with a passion to help people with their health and well being. He turned his knowledge and experience to help body builders  get positive results in a much more healthy and natural way, and had great success with many people he worked with.

His journey led him to an intense interest in the role that nutrition played in body building, but also how it impacted every person and in every area of life. Perry works with many people to help them live optimal lives through eating simply, naturally and nutritionally to help them get results that seem to very complex. This interest led him, at the age of 55, to study a Masters degree in nutrition and then go on to start the Australia Academy of Raw Nutrition.

Perry and I chat about some simple but powerful concepts. There is lots of catching up, banter, but some crucial conversation about the role of protein in the body, how to avoid sarcopenia, and how to eat to create optimal wellbeing. What you will learn will transform your eating habits and your life, if you take them on board and take action. He is a knowledgeable, passionate and entertaining man who I loved talking to.  I know you will get a lot from this podcast, so please enjoy.

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