As a nine year old, a skeptical Matthew Law had his first interaction with God in the way of a recurring dream. as a fifteen year old, the miracle occurred that took him down the path that had led to the life of a pastor at the Doncaster City Church. It’s actually a pretty cool story.

Matt has a heart for people, is passionate about making a difference and is committed to the difference a relationship with God can have in people’s lives. Since becoming a Christian myself, I have noticed positive change in every area of my life and this conversation with Matt is one I want to encourage everyone to hear, whether Christian or not.  

If you feel something is missing, are looking for some answers, are feeling unfulfilled, are dealing with any stress, anxiety, fear or shame, or just want to live your best life, the power of faith cannot be ignored. I hope you will listen to this conversation with an open-mind and an open-heart and do whatever you are moved to do as a result.

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