Monica Sandercock is a Mentor, Life and Relationship Coach who assists ambitious Women that experience self-doubt to learn how to trust and back themselves, knowing they can handle anything that life throws at them. People come to Monica for both Life Coaching and/or Relationship Coaching as she has a great passion and experience in both fields. Monica has assisted hundreds of people to shift their thinking to increase their happiness, fulfillment and confidence in all areas of their personal and professional life. 

Mark Sandercock has been motivating and inspirind hundreds of Men to experience more self-worth, confidence, and clarity in order to step into a prouder, boulder and braver version of themselves. His practical, no-nonsense approach and life strategies always provide substantial results for those he coaches and mentors. Mark has over over 25 years’ experience working with national companies in training and facilitation, including the Correctional Service Sector. His appeal lies in his unique approach to share the trials, tribulations, vulnerabilities and adversities from divorce to drug addiction. 

Monica moved from Sweden to Australia 20 years ago to marry Mark. Mark was hiding a big secret from Monica that he was a functional drug addict. After starting a family their relationship hit rock bottom and Monica came across coaching to save their marriage. 10 years later they have now helped hundreds of people to save their marriage, as well as sharing how they went from lack of self-trust to understanding how to back themselves no matter what. It was the moment of confession, when Mark shared his secret with Monica, that she responded with a hug and love, that has enabled them to  really take-off in their own relationship and give them the platform to help others. Trust me, do not miss this real, raw and powerful conversation.

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