I have been speaking in schools for the last four or five years and have an incredible passion to help children and teenagers believe more in themselves and fulfill their potential. The more I speak to teens, the more I truly understand and believe in ‘the parent factor.’ Michelle Falzon and I met, connected and are now working together to help parents understand their powerful influence as they raise amazing people. 

Michelle a mum, educator & student wellbeing co-ordinator, lover of learning, and advocate for positive mental health and wellbeing.She is a firm believer that knowledge is power and that education goes far beyond the four walls of any classroom. In fact it starts in the home. All of her work is created to support each individual develop and sustain habits of good health and positive thinking. 

Michelle is engaging, honest, insightful and inspiring and this conversation is one every parent needs to listen to if they want the amazing pleasure that comes with raising healthy young people. Through her own tragedy, she now positively impacts mant many lives. Trust me, this is a podcast you do not want to miss.

Michelle can be found on social media through ‘Positive Wellbeing Education’ and her blog website is www.positivewellbeing.education

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