The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘Force’ as, strength or energy exerted or brought to bear: cause of motion or change: active power. Have you ever seen the wind blow a tree over? That is force. Have you ever lifted a weight into the air? You used force. Have you ever put the car into four-wheel-drive to negotiate unstable conditions? That is force. There are forces happening all around us every day, and many are having a damaging impact in and on our lives. Despite this, it is important to know and believe that there is only one force that matters.

The key to staying in forward motion is very simple. You need a force in the direction you want to go that is greater than the force acting in the opposite direction. I don’t want to get too sciencey with you right now, however if you want to lift a weight of 20 kg off the ground, you need a force greater than its weight and gravity to do it. If you want to win an arm-wrestling bout, you have to apply a greater force than the person you are arm wrestling with. The opposite also applies. If the 20 kg weight is applying more force with gravity than you can harness to lift it, the weight will stay on the ground. If your arm-wrestling opponent applies more force, then you will lose. This is all pretty basic, isn’t it?

We live in a world that is applying forces against us every moment to stop us moving forward to being happier, healthier, more joy-filled, and abundant. The force of pollution in our lives is acting on our wellbeing. The force of the economy and inflation is affecting our financial position. The force of processed foods on offer is impacting our longevity and energy. The force of negative news on TV, social media, and in society is acting against our mindset, happiness, and positivity in life. The force of addiction is destroying many lives all around the world. The force of negative opinions of people is eroding our belief in ourselves and our aspirations to be the best we can be. These are just to name a few. Despite all of the forces acting against us, there is one force we have that can overpower all of them. This, my friend, is the only force that matters.

I have an amazing friend, Eva. In her early 20’s, with a successful dancing career and her whole life ahead of her, she was hit by a car as she crossed the road. As you can imagine, the force of that car was far greater than Eva’s ability to absorb the impact. As a result, she was catapulted down the road and sustained significant injuries, leading to long-term coma and an acquired brain injury. As she came out of the coma, she knew she had a mountain of forces acting against her. She had many injuries to recover from. She had to come to terms with a brain that would no longer function as it had. She had the opinions of many people to deal with. In addition to this, in 2009, she had to deal with and overcome another powerful force; advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I think it is fair to say, she had a mountain of forces against her. Despite this, with great courage, she harnessed the only force that mattered.

So, what is that force? I couldn’t explain any better than she did on her website ( where she said, I have applied myself to recovery: physically, mentally, and spiritually with great dedication. Through this very difficult period, I have realised a capability to overcome – to call on my resilience and strengths. That one force she applied was one that could overpower all of the external forces acting against her. That one force she applied was one that no-one else could predict or foresee except her. That one force was inside of her. It was in her heart, and it was the burning desire for her to not be a victim, but a victor of her circumstances. The work she is doing now to advocate for, help and inspire anyone affected by neurological challenges is a testament to that one force she applied back in 1999 after the accident occurred.

The definition of ‘Force’ again is strength or energy exerted or brought to bearcause of motion or changeactive power. Each one of us, like Eva, has the power within which we can exert strength and energy to cause motion and change, no matter what circumstances we may be dealing with. You can exert the force of desire to get up and exercise, which will overcome the temptation to hit snooze. You can create an inner force to make better food choices, even if the world around may be promoting processed options. Whilst the force of stress caused by increased interest rates may be affecting your life, you can make a decision to get out and create another income to offset that. Your inner force to be better will overpower the force of others to sway your choices and keep you stuck. All the bad news in the world can’t affect the person who is harnessing the force of gratitude, love, and positive action. You are in control of any situation because you get to employ the only force that matters, the force within.

In my podcast this week, called Freedom from addiction, Logan Hufford talks openly and honestly about the force of sexual addiction that was on the verge of destroying his life. If not for a decision to harness that unbreakable force within, he would have lost his wife and four children. Now he and his wife are living a life of joy as they positively impact manty lives. That is the power of the only force that matters. Logan has it, Eva has it, and you most definitely have it. Harness the power within today against any other force that is destroying the chance for you to live the best life you can. You are in total control of the only force that matters.