I loved speaking with Dr Matt Zakreski. Full time American, part-time Aussie who spent many years down-under surfing, connecting with people and drinking VB. Dr Matt is a gifted and neuro-diverse person who has developed an incredible passion and become a longtime advocate for the underserved needs of Gifted kids, Dr. Matt has shaped his career around his passion for serving this population, starting with being a counselor (and a camper) at the Center for Talented Youth summer program as a teenager. Dr. Matt has his own private practice, The Neurodiversity Collective, LLC, and offers therapy, consultation/coaching, and assessment. Additionally, Dr. Matt’s facebook page has become a fun platform for mental health advocacy and humor.

Hi perspective on helping all people get out of ‘the box’ that society tends to push people into is transformational. His focus on helping people identify values and living a value-driven life by getting them to ask ‘the miracle question’ is inspiring. His desire to help people play to their strengths and love their lives is empowering. His experience and close call with a shark while surfing in Sydney is a little scary, but entertaining!

Dr. Matt loves keynoting and speaking at conferences and has proudly done so all over the USA and internationally. He additionally provides trainings and consultations for business and school to increase support for neurodiverse individuals of all ages. He previously served as a board member of PAGE, the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education, and continues to work closely with multiple state organizations around the country. This is a powerful and inspiring conversation, not to be missed.

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