Every few weeks, I need to write a blog for one person. That person is me! Too often, I realise there are still things I need to improve in my life, and, writing this stuff helps me get really clear on my own limiting conditioning, and, moving through it towards abundance. Along the way, hopefully you will relate to this issue, as I believe it’s one of the most common afflictions of the human experience. It is the; leave it to the very last minute, panic and deal with the mess then!Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you ever been there? Have you ever regretted being there? Are you open to trying a new way of doing things and getting better results? Well, I for one, am absolutely ready, and that it why I am writing this; for me. So, please join me on this journey…

One of the hardest battles I’m continually fighting against is the ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude. It’s an attitude in which I just believe things will be okay. I become blasé so put things off, and often find myself stressing at the last minute. Now, don’t get me wrong, believing things will work out is a good thing, but, some planning, preparation and balance are needed if abundance is a goal. This is an attitude which has become such a deeply entrenched pattern of thinking of mine, for such a long time, that, whilst I am making some change and traction, it is still impacting my life. In my last blog, I wrote about the need to power-down, and, let me tell you that for a week in Bali, that’s exactly what I did. Unfortunately, it was more because my body said, ‘enough-is-enough’ than me actually allowing myself to power-down before I got to the point of no return.

I will continue from the moment I finished writing last week’s blog, so you will see what I mean. I wrote, I now have another three and a half hours flight time to Bali, and so I am just about to put on a movie and power-down.’ It was not more than 30-minutes after switching off my computer, turning on a movie and relaxing, when my body started rebelling. I had just had a full-on two weeks prior and I had pushed myself physically just past that point of no return. I kept doing things right up the very last minute, because that has always been my way, feeling like I was slacking off if not productive. Well, my body decided to take control and make sure I rested.

I started aching, sweating and congesting, and by the time I got off the plane in Bali, I was feeling very below par. Laura was waiting to greet me, and my plan was that I would be full of energy and ready to spend some quality time with her, but instead, I collapsed and had to sleep, which is just what I did for the for 18 hours out of the next 24. Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, I woke up the next morning with three cold sores on my lips. I was a congested, snotty and swollen mess! I spent the next few days recuperating and finally, after much of my stay was gone, I started feeling normal again. I am grateful I was in Bali and with Laura at this time, but I was mad at myself for pushing myself right up to that last minute.

Create a sense of urgency every day!

One of the things I am working on, at the moment, is to resist the urge of thinking I have plenty of time to get things planned, implemented and done. I am doing the very best I can, clearly not always successfully, to create a sense of urgency every day, and take action immediately. There are things I am great at acting on every day, and they continually bring blessings and abundance into my life. There are, however, other things, I just seem to put off thinking that I have all the time in the world, until all that time in the world disappears and I am left with the last-minute dash to the finish line, or even worse, the point when it is too late! Do you relate at all to anything I am saying?

I was just having this conversation with my insurance guy, Steve, this week. By the time you are reading this, the end of the Australian financial year is imminent or has passed. With a few days left, I finally decided to read a letter I received from my life-insurance company. There is nothing more tiresome to me than insurance mail, so I find it easy to throw to the bottom of the pile. Well, I opened it and it said, If I don’t contact them by June 30, my account will be cancelled. Whoops! Panic! I urgently rang Steve, and when he rang me back, he was telling me how busy he was, because so many people left things to the last minute. One guy had just bought a home, and, had only 4 days to get financing and so wanted Steve to fix it for him. I breathed a sigh of relief and thought, ‘at least I’m not that bad.’ We both had a laugh at how this last-minute panic thing is very commonplace.

The issue with the last-minute rush is that, whilst you may get the job done, it’s very difficult to create any real abundant success when you are always chasing your tail. When you are chasing your tail, guess what you are looking at? Certainly not where you want to be or what you want! The thing I am working hard on developing is the daily habit of focussing on what I want, and then with this clarity comes a sense of urgency. This stimulates immediate action, and then, doing a little bit every day, rather that most of the work in the last few moments. It’s funny how there are areas of my life that I have this mastered, yet others when I feel right out of control. I am guessing you are feeling the same way in certain areas of your own life.

Often the things we put off are either the things we don’t enjoy, perceive as too hard, or don’t place a high priority on, right? I mean, if you got a phone call and were told that if you paid to fly to  a city 5-hours away tonight, there would be a million dollars waiting for you, you would probably find a way to make it happen, right? Well, that is unlikely to happen, however, if you were to prioritise time every day on your savings plan and income strategy, it would probably be worth much more than a million dollars to you in a few short years. So, the key then seems to be to get really focused on what you want and know that the sooner you get active and into the right habit patterns, the sooner you will be enjoying success and abundance in that area.

As I said at the start of this blog, I am writing it for me, and, I am already feeling better. What about you? I have just spent some thinking about the life I currently live, which I am grateful for and excited about, and, the life I am still working towards and destined to live, it’s got me focussed again. I know it won’t happen by chance, and I know it won’t happen with a last-minute panic. What I do know is that; with clarity, a plan and daily action, anything is possible. So, for me, I am getting started now on things that I would normally put off, and as I am doing them, I will be visualising how amazing it will feel when they are done, and, success is achieved. Abundance will come in the first minutes, not the last, so get started now!