I have known Natalie Matthews for more than five years, and the thing that stood out to me most, when I met for the first time, was the confidence this lady exuded as she towered above most people in her six foot three inch body and her three-four inch heels! She has always loved her height and the resulting benefits she has experienced in her life. The only challenge for her, and for many tall women, was finding beautiful clothes to wear, hence she began her fashion business, Height of Fashion.

I speak again to Natalie after a wonderful conversation in Episode 19 called ‘Embrace your uniqueness.’ More than 7 months later, despite her own COVID related adversity which has separated her and restricted her from being with her family in the UK, she has a very powerful message. It’s been a tough time for Natalie, however, she has some powerful perspective which can help anyone going through a  challenging time, or wanting to live their best life.

Natalie shares ideas about how to find the purpose that we are all put on this planet for, and she talks in detail and with great passion about the hidden benefits that can be found in every challenge, if we choose to look for them. Whilst I wasn’t sure where this conversation would go when we began talking, I am excited about the result and I know this podcast will have a positive effect on your life.

Natalie can be found on her website at www.height-of-fashion.com and on Instagram at thetallceo and height.of.fashion.