Jono Taves first fostered a love for health and wellness as a collegiate soccer player and an exercise science major at Northwestern College. After receiving his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the Mayo Clinic, he developed a passion for helping people find the source of their aches and pains, allowing a more natural healing process. Since then Dr. Taves has dedicated his career to the mission of educating and empowering people with headaches and migraines to break free from a life of fear and dependence and thriving in everything they do. He now is the owner of Novera: Headache Center, one of the country’s only specialty physical therapy centers devoted to helping headache and migraine patients, and the host of The Headache Doctor Podcast.

What Jono is doing and how is doing it is certainly a different approach to the conventional medical intervention that is not solving the problem. So far, in just a few years the Novera Headache Center has had a positive impact in over 600 lives. Thr results speak for themselves; The total number of headache days, for sufferers who sought Jono’s help, per 6 weeks (or 42 days) was reduced from an average of 19 headache days to just 6 headache days. About a 70% reduction of headaches in just 6 weeks!

This is a conversation that is very simple, very practical and very empowering. Everyone deserves to live pain-free and Jono believes it is possible and in many cases doable by making some very simple exercise, eating and lifestyle changes. This is a wonderful podcast that everyone one needs to hear because it will help you, or someone you care about. 

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