As I sit here and write this blog, I am increasingly aware of the miracle my existence on this planet really is. If you have ever tried to work out the odds of you being born, I promise, your head would explode. It is not possible to work it out, and the chances are so negligible that there is no way our physical presence can be luck. Your life, and mine is an absolute gift that we should never take for granted.

The likelihood that you were conceived in the moment of your parent’s amorous act, is around 300,000,000 to one. That is approximately how many sperm set off in pursuit of fertilising the solitary egg. That in itself is pretty hard to comprehend. What about the odds of your parents meeting? That is making things a little bit more mind-bending. Well then, think about the probability that each of your parents were born, and the chance of their parents meeting? Is your brain starting to sizzle? What about grandparents and great grandparents? You could go on and on here, right? Do you honestly think there is any way to calculate the almost non-existent possibility of your existence? I don’t think so.

This can lead me to one conclusion. Our existence is miraculous, we are no accident, we are here for a purpose, and our life is an incredible gift. If this is the case, shouldn’t we be celebrating our life more, and making the most of every second to ensure this gift is not wasted? Each one of us makes up a very small part of a global ecosystem that is amazing. Each person is critical. Every thought, every feeling, every word, and every act is having a ripple effect that is impacting the world.

Now, if you are like many people, you may be thinking your existence doesn’t make a difference or having any bearing on the lives of other people, or the world. I beg to differ. I do believe that every moment of every day you are alive counts and is impacting the people you directly deal with, in any capacity. Every interaction ripples out far and wide, beyond anything you could ever imagine. You are a critical stitch in a global tapestry.  

Think about the television screen you watch. As you enjoy the sharp and clear picture, have you ever stopped to think about all the seemingly insignificant components that go together to bring that picture to you? Don’t do this, but if you were to take the back off your TV you would see all these thousands of components. If you found the one that seemed the least important and disabled it or removed it, it would have a ripple effect that would interfere with the sharp and clear picture you were enjoying. In fact, it may even totally disable the picture altogether. You are a vital component in the global picture.

I hope you are convinced that you are a miracle, a difference maker, and an incredibly special and important person. I hope you are certain that your life is a precious gift, to be lived and loved. That being the case, I want to encourage you to enjoy your gift and share it. Lift your head up now and look at the people and the world around you with gratitude and joy. Do something today that makes your heart sing and reaffirms the gift that your life truly is. Do something for someone today that will positively impact their life and will ripple out and effect the lives of others. Make the most of this gift you have, as it has an expiry date.

Jade Edmistone, my guest on this week’s podcast called, Jump and the net will appear, has truly embraced the gift of life. She is a world record breaking, world champion swimmer, who spiralled with serious mental health issues after her illustrious swimming career ended. She has now made the decision to enjoy the gift of life she has been given, learn the lessons from her experiences and share her story and her wisdom to help many people. We are all here for a very special and important purpose. Yes, that means you!

So, as you get on with your life today, believe that it is a precious gift. Treat it like that and enjoy every moment of every day, even the challenging ones. Enjoy the wonderful things around you and use any adversity you may experience as a platform to help others and positively impact the world. What a remarkable component of the world you are. What a magical gift you have been given. Please make the most of it, every day.