Krista Yaskiw, above all else that she does, is PASSIONATE about helping people REVIVE relationships, authentically cultivate connection, and THRIVE! She is an empath, an assertive go-getter, an optimist, has been known to both laugh and cry with her clients, is open and vulnerable about her own lived experiences, and an eternal cheerleader for love. 

What sets her apart as a Couples Coach is in addition to the right attitude, she can back it with EXPERIENCE & TRAINING.  She have spent the last 20 years in the helping field, preparing to work with people. Most of her career has been working as a counsellor in the field of addiction & mental health specializing in relationships and couples.  As a result, she has real experience as a therapist trained in many modalities in addition to being a coach.

Krista has been married to her handsome hubby since 2005, has two beautiful daughters and a fluffy daughter called Ellie. We have an awesome conversation about relationships, connection and communication. The phrase that really got my attention when she was talking about her own marriage was ‘turning up for each other’. When I asked her about that, she talked about the daily check-ins they have, and the four areas they touched on each day that has helped their marriage flourish. This led her to write and publish her book, The Daily Check-In: A Journal for Couples. Trust me, it’s not just for couples. This is a wonderful conversation that will help every single person who listens and acts.

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