Jan Cocks-Salvemini was born into a beautiful family with parents who encouraged her to dream big and fight for her dreams. That was certainly a profound strength when, at the age of 10-months, she became para-abled for life after being bitten by a diseased mosquito. She now has limited use of the right side of her body, wears a big bright red boot to get around, and is blissfully happy in her life.

Jan is on a mission to change the word ‘disabled’ to ‘para-abled’, as she believes ‘disabled’ is a negative word that somehow indicates these people are less than able-bodied people. This is a lady with plans to take her voice to the United Nations and World Health Organisation to state her case. So, as you can see, she is still dreaming big and believing for a global change in attitude towards the one billion people in the world who currently have a para-ability.

She is such an energised and engaging communicator who is passionate about her cause. She had me when she told me the story of walking through a shopping center wearing the bright red boot she needed to keep her ankle from collapsing. You will love the story as I did. This is a powerful, inspiring and wonderful conversation you do not want to miss.

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