Are you ready for a bit of a mind-bender this week? Often the decision we make to take action in the pursuit of a goal, or to create some kind of change, is determined after we weigh up best-case versus worst-case scenario. If the best-case scenario far outweighs the worst-case scenario, then we may choose to move forward, and if the opposite is the true we generally abandon our plans. What if, however, the worst-case scenario is actually the best-case, even better than you could have imagined? I told you, mind-bender, right?

I have spoken about my somewhat illogical decision to buy a café back in the year 2000. Why illogical? Well, I was already working eighty-plus hours as the part owner of a personal training business and I had zero experience in the hospitality industry. When I say zero experience, I mean as a business owner. I had lots of experience as a consumer in cafes, restaurants and pubs, which probably didn’t equip me with the business know-how I needed. With my spontaneous and just-give-it-a-go mindset, I only thought about the best-case scenario, which was massive success in helping people, providing healthy food and inspiring people to a better way of living. In my mind, I was going to be a millionaire. I never really considered the worst-case scenario, which was lucky as, if I had, I may never have given it a go in the first place.

If I had actually considered the worst case-scenario, I can tell you with great confidence, it would not have been as bad as my reality, just two years later. In just two short years – although, they didn’t seem short at the time – after working over 100 hours and seven days per week, the café was in almost $100,000 debt. I was broke, I was broken, and I was bewildered. Pretty bad scenario, right? What if I was to tell you, that scenario was the best thing that has ever happened in my life? You would probably suggest that I go and get some help! I say that because, it was in that moment of head-in-my-hands despair, questioning how I could actually fulfil my vision and the purpose I was put on this planet for, I came up with the idea to write my first book. That idea totally transformed my life, and now, as I am on the verge of publishing my eighth book, I could not be happier in my life. That seemingly devastating worst-case scenario was the catalyst for the best-possible-case eventuality.

When author and speaker Deborah Stathis was driving home from work, as a nineteen-year-old, she did not consider the worst-case scenario that eventuated. She wrapped her car around a pole and was left fighting for her life with devastating facial injuries and an acquired brain injury. No one would consider that outcome, choose that circumstance, or even be able look back and be grateful for it. The result of Deb’s accident, rehabilitation and transformation, is that Deb now impacts lives all around the world as she teaches people skills, tools and strategies to turn trauma into opportunity. Her worst-case scenario led to a life of purpose and significance that would never have been possible if she hadn’t wrapped her car around that pole.

Often, we stop ourselves from taking action after considering the worst-case scenario, even if the best-case scenario far outweighs it. In these situations, what we are failing to realise is that the worst-case scenario will most likely lead us to an even better best-case scenario than we could imagine. In other words, there is really no worst-case scenario, there is only a best-case scenario or a better-case scenario, based on the opportunity that lies in the ‘worst-case’ scenario! Have I totally confused you? In simpler terms, every outcome from every aspiration is a win, because you either get the result you planned to get, or you will get a lesson, idea or opportunity from the adversity that may present itself. If you learn the lesson, act on the idea or take the opportunity, I promise you the best possible scenario will appear to you.

I know this has been a pretty mind-bending blog, and I understand it may require reading a couple more times. To help with this, I want to encourage you to listen to my podcast this week with Craig Harper, called, You are already complete, as Craig has some incredible insights into how to find success in any situation. I guess what I really want to do is encourage you take action on your dreams and goals, because you can’t lose. You will either achieve the best-case scenario, or you will discover the best of the worst-case scenario. Go for it this week.