I have an incredible passion, in fact mission and purpose, to create a wave of wellness all around the world and help people live their best lives. My guest host Deborah Stathis has a very similar purpose. As I launch my latest book ‘TEARS of Joy’, I am truly excited about and expecting that this book will impact the hearts and minds of everyone who reads it. I want people to experience tears of joy in their lives over and over again. I want people to understand there is a predictable process to make that happen. That is what the book and this podcast is all about.

Everything we have and will have, experience and will experience in our lives are the end product of the unconscious routines we create. Those routines if deliberately created, will produce tears of joy, trust me. It all starts with a deliberate focus of our thoughts, which leads us to experience an empowering emotion, which by definition moves us into spontaneous action. With determination and the right strategies we can all develop the routines that will lead us to abundant and joyful success in life. That is what the book and this podcast is all about.

Deb does an amazing job hosting this podcast, and she is an inspiring example of this TEARS of joy process. You will love the conversation. You will be inspired by the stories. You will be empowered to create permanent positive change in your life. You will be ready to get started as soon as the podcast is over. Enjoy this wonderful conversation. 

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